Zane Grey Theater western tv shows

Zane Grey Theater western tv shows



Dick Powell’s Zane Grey Theatre, sometimes simply called Zane Grey Theatre, is an American Western anthology series which ran on CBS from 1956 to 1961. Created by Luke Short and Charles A. Wallace, Zane Grey Theatre was originally based on the short stories and novels of Western author Zane Grey, but as the episodes continued, new material was included. Aaron Spelling, wrote twenty Zane Grey episodes. The series opened each week with a prelude of the episode followed by the introduction, the firing of a gun, with the proclamation: “From out of the West, Dick Powell’s Zane Grey Theater.” Much of the musical score was handled by Four Star’s Herschel Burke Gilbert.
Powell appeared as various characters in 15 of the 149 episodes and hosted the entire run. A half-hour program, Zane Grey Theatre debuted at 8:30 Eastern on Friday, October 5, 1956, and ran until the end of the 1960-1961 season, when Powell switched to NBC for a new hour-long anthology of drama and comedy called The Dick Powell Show, which he maintained until shortly after Powell’s death from cancer. Spin-offs
Zane Grey Theatre was ground-breaking in that five episodes were developed into subsequent series: Trackdown (from “Badge of Honor”) starring Robert Culp as Texas Ranger Hoby Gilman, Johnny Ringo (from “Man Alone”), starring Don Durant, both on CBS, The Rifleman (from “The Sharpshooter”) with Chuck Connors as Lucas McCain on ABC, The Westerner on NBC (from “Trouble at Tres Cruces”), starring Brian Keith as Dave Blassingame, and Black Saddle (from “Threat of Violence”) with Chris Alcaide instead of subsequent series star Peter Breck as the gunfighter-turned-lawyer Clay Culhane) on ABC.
In addition, Wanted: Dead or Alive, with Steve McQueen playing the bounty hunter Josh Randall, was a CBS spinoff of Trackdown, and Law of the Plainsman, starring Michael Ansara as a Harvard-educated, Native American U.S. Marshal, was an NBC spin-off of The Rifleman.
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A Quiet Sunday in San Ardo

A Quiet Sunday in San Ardo western movies and television shows from all over the web for you to watch here for FREE. Directed by Ted Post. Starring Wendell Corey, Gerald Mohr, Peggie Castle, Harry Lauter. Clay Burnett is an interesting man who gets pressured by his fiancé and her relatives to become the next …

Dangerous Orders

Dangerous Orders Dick Powell’s Zane Grey Theatre. Directed by John English. With Mark Stevens, Jack Elam, Willis Bouchey, Robert Cornthwaite. This is a good little paranoid suspenser with Mark Stevens not sure at all who among his new found friends is a traitor waiting to steal his orders for the Union Army and then kill …

Day Of The Killing

Day Of The Killing Directed by John English. With Paul Douglas, John Litel, Peter Breck, Jonathan Hole. Although the half-hour format is conducive to keeping the stories tight and focused, sometimes that constraint adversely effects some episodes, which seem to end too abruptly, leaving storylines hanging or producing pat conclusions not worthy of the better …

Death Watch

Death Watch Directed by Bernard Girard. With Lee J. Cobb, Bobby Driscoll, John Larch, John Alderson. Most all of the show episode is centered in a bombed out house in which four soldiers are surrounded by Apaches and try to figure out how to get out of this jam. This page at one time had …

Decision at Wilson’s Creek

Decision at Wilson’s Creek Zane Grey Theater. Directed by Louis King. Starring John Forsythe, John Dehner, Bart Burns, Willis Bouchey. Another tale of the old west hosted by Dick Powell. For addition for lovers of vintage TV Westerns and dramas.

Fearful Courage

Fearful Courage Zane Grey Theater. Directed by Bernard Girard. Starring Ida Lupino, James Whitmore, Michael Pate, Paul Hahn. Two people are trapped in a log cabin with an assassin outside trying to kill them. At first, it’s just Louise Brandon that is in trouble because a hired killer is sent to make sure she gives …


Fugitive Zane Grey Theater. Directed by John English. Starring Eddie Albert, Celeste Holm, Peter J. Votrian, Richard Shannon. Dick Powell hosted Zane Grey Theatre and there were some amazing guest stars like in this episode.


Jericho Zane Grey Theater. Directed by Harry Keller. Starring Guy Madison, Beverly Garland, Claude Akins, Les Tremayne. A woman sentenced to hang for the murder of her husband but is sent a second chance by a Government Agent. Four Star Productions, Pamric Productions, Zane Grey Enterprises.

Morning Incident

Morning Incident Zane Grey Theater. Directed by Tom Gries. Starring Martha Hyer, Robert Culp, Robert Garland, Kevin Jones, Fiona Hale. A girl dreams of a Prince Charming finds a handsome stranger lying in her barn injured.

Muletown Gold Strike

Muletown Gold Strike Directing done by John English. Starring Rory Calhoun, Barbara Eiler, Bobby Clark, Parley Baer. Mason Ward just back from the war discovers his law office destroyed he heads west to a new town and another job. Hired by the mayor as the new schoolteacher he learns of a treasure map from one …

No Man Living

No Man Living westerns from all over the web for you to watch here for FREE. Dick Powell’s Zane Grey Theatre. Directing done by John English and starring Frank Lovejoy, Margaret Hayes, Judson Pratt, Russ Conway. Jim Todd is convinced he has the right man even though everyone denies it. Todd has been on a …

Return to Nowhere

Return to Nowhere Starring Stephen McNally, John Ireland, Audrey Totter. A gunslinger who comes back to a small town to try and get back his ex-wife. Having separated years ago she has re married but he still says he is in love with her. He also finds out they have a son he did not …

Stage to Tucson

Stage to Tucson A marshal searching for a bank robber receives word that his quarry is traveling on a stagecoach going from Las Cruces to Tucson. Eddie Albert, Mona Freeman, John Ericson and Rusty Lane.

Stage to Tucson

Stage to Tucson Zane Grey Theater. Death Valley days had more action but Zane Grey theatre seem to focus on great actors and story. Thanks for the upload I enjoyed it. Mona Freeman is beautiful! Eddie Albert, Mona Freeman, John Ericson, DeForest Kelley, Bing Russell, Rusty Lane, Ian MacDonald. Hosted by Dick Powell. This is …

Star Over Texas

Star Over Texas Zane Grey Theater Directing done by Lesley Selander and starring Ralph Bellamy, Gloria Talbott, James Garner, Beverly Washburn and Richard Farnsworth. This is an early appearance by several of the actors and actresses in this TV episode. Watch James Garner! Is he one of the good guys or a bad guy?

The Lariat

The Lariat Zane Grey Theater. Directing done by Felix E. Feist and starring Jack Palance, Constance Ford, Addison Richards, Robert Anderson. Hosted by Dick Powell. A rowdy cowboy is warned about his mis behaving and after a man dies in an accident he is sentenced to 5 years in prison. When he gets out he …

The Long Road Home

The Long Road Home western movies and television shows from all over the web for you to watch here for FREE . Directed by Felix E. Feist and starring Dick Powell, Ray Collins, Ainslie Pryor, Jean Willes. Hosted by Dick Powell. A story about rustlers, hot tempers and an age-old family feud. A man returns …

The Unrelenting Sky

The Unrelenting Sky Directed by Felix E. Feist and starring Lew Ayres, Phyllis Avery, Walter Sande, Steven Geray. A selfish man wants all of the water for himself refusing to share it with his three neighbors who beg the man to re-consider. They have kids and one has a pregnant wife. Water is running out. …

There Were Four

There Were Four Directing done by Christian Nyby. Starring John Derek, Dean Jagger, David Janssen, James Gavin. A young man vows to get revenge on a wealthy rancher. He uses lawless methods because he regards an outlaw he knows as a hero. These methods, however, result in his being involved in a rustling scheme.

Three Graves

Three Graves starring Jack Lemmon and James Best and Dick Powell Directed by John English. With Jack Lemmon, Nan Leslie, Frank Ferguson, James Best. A gunman moves into a sleepy western town with the intention of taking it over for himself. But a pretty young woman sets her sights on him as a prospective husband.

Time of Decision

Time of Decision Directed by Harold D. Schuster. With Lloyd Bridges, Diane Brewster, Walter Sande, Bill Erwin. Another exciting adventure in the old west with Dick Powell.

Vengeance Canyon

Vengeance Canyon Directed by Robert Florey. With Walter Brennan, Ben Cooper, Sheb Wooley, Robert Griffin. An old outlaw does his best to steer a young outlaw out of a life of crime!

You Only Run Once

You Only Run Once Directed by Felix E. Feist. With Robert Ryan, Cloris Leachman, John Hoyt, Howard Petrie. When horses begin to turn up missing the county forms a vigilante committee. Rancher Matt Jessop has the bad luck to innocently hire two shady characters to work on his ranch. This makes it look like the …

Zane Grey Theater – Muletown Gold Strike

Zane Grey Theater – Muletown Gold Strike Courage Is a Gun Zane Grey Theater. was on this page! Directed by John English. With Dick Powell, Beverly Garland, Robert Vaughn, James Westerfield. Gunfighter Johnny Adler cuts his finger while out on the trail. By the time he gets to a town, it has become infected and …

Zane Grey Theater – The Fearful Courage

Zane Grey Theater – The Fearful Courage Badge of Honor Zane Grey Theater. used to be on this page. Directed by Arthur Hiller. With Gary Merrill, Tom Tully, Robert Culp, Peggy Webber. This is the pilot episode for the western TV series TrackDown. About a Texas Ranger Hoby Gilman.

Zane Grey Theater – The Long Road Home

Zane Grey Theater – The Long Road Home Black Is For Grief Zane Grey Theater. Used to be on this page. Directed by Lewis Allen. With Tom Tully, Tom Tryon, Mala Powers, Chester Morris. Tom Andrews comes home after a long absence because of the war to find his wife Barbara has been murdered. He …

Rebel Ranger

western movies and television shows from all over the web for you to watch here for FREE . Directed by Don Medford. With Joan Crawford, Scott Forbes, Don Grady, John Anderson. Old west show episode with Dick Powell as the host!

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