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Death Watch

Death Watch

Directed by Bernard Girard. With Lee J. Cobb, Bobby Driscoll, John Larch, John Alderson. Most all of the show episode is centered in a bombed out house in which four soldiers are surrounded by Apaches and try to figure out how to get out of this jam.

This page at one time had an episode of Cheyenne


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  1. Thank you ♥ Loved watching Cheyenne!! Love all Westerns!! Please show more of John Wayne!!!! Like Rio Bravo and Rio Dablo < spelled wrong but I am sure you know what movie I am referring too tho! Again, Thank you ♥

  2. Thank you for the Cheyenne episode. Can you please add more??

  3. Please can you find any espisodes
    of the gunslingner.
    pete uk

  4. Thanks for making Cheyenne available online. I and many others love this show, and it has been taken off of Encore westerns and Netflix. Going to look for more episodes right now!

  5. Please try and find more espisodes on the Lawman with Peter Brown, love that show.

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