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Time of Decision

Time of Decision

Directed by Harold D. Schuster. With Lloyd Bridges, Diane Brewster, Walter Sande, Bill Erwin. Another exciting adventure in the old west with Dick Powell.


  1. This Page had an article about Maverick at one time.
    Decent piece on Maverick; however, Jack Kelly’s role in the importance of this show is underplayed. Jack was in more episodes than James Garner, it was a short period before Jack was added to the mix … yes, because of the shooting schedule. Garner was not necessarily the most popular. The “Top Brass” played the characters against each other, gently, press-wise because they realized some people were Garner fans, but others were Kelly fans. It wasn’t long before Jack Kelly was bringing in as much fan mail, at times, more. And in the long run, it appeared that more of the female population went for “Bart,” while the men viewers favored “Bret.”

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