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The Last of the Mohicans starring Randolph Scott

The Last of the Mohicans starring Randolph Scott



From 1936 This story is about two young daughters of a British Commander who set out from Albany to join their father at the fort during the French and Indian War. Accompanied by a major who has loved the younger daughter for a long time and by a renegade Huron Indian. The daughters are led into the hands of a wandering party of Hurons. They are saved by a Colonial scout Hawkeye and his Mohican friends they rescue the party and after some conflict conduct them safely to the fort. This novel has been made into a movie many times including one with Daniel Day Lewis!
Randolph Scott as Hawkeye
Binnie Barnes as Alice Munro
Henry Wilcoxon as Major Duncan Heyward
Bruce Cabot as Magua
Heather Angel as Cora Munro
Phillip Reed as Uncas
Robert Barrat as Chingachgook
Hugh Buckler as Colonel Munro
Willard Robertson as Captain Winthrop
William Stack as General Montcalm
Lumsden Hare as General Abercrombie
Frank McGlynn Sr. as Gamut
Will Stanton as Jenkins
William V. Mong as Sacham
Art Dupuis as De Levis
Ian Maclaren as William Pitt (as Ian MacLaren)
Reginald Barlow as Duke of Newcastle
Olaf Hytten as King George II
Lionel Belmore as Patroon
Claude King as Duke of Marlborough


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  1. great early randolph scott movie even if it doesn’t follow the book to the letter….shame they didn’t use color film back then for it would have been a much better film if it had been in color

  2. As I am new to this forum is there a way to remove my comment as I have made a mistake on one detail regarding Shane and would like to add a corrected version, about his guns.

    1. Yes you can ad a different post . I have not posted the other one yet .

  3. Apologies for not editing before posting.

  4. If you see the film without reading the book then it’s one of the greats, without doubt. I have read the book twice because I like it so much. I was not too impressed with the character of Shane is different in the film as it’s different from the book. Shane wore black and never wore his holster which had two guns. He kept it wrapped up and only wore it when he went to face the gunfighter. As a stand alone film, aider is right, they don’t make them like this any more. If you haven’t read the book, then enjoy the film as it is.

  5. Never seen it before but had heard of it, kept me glued through the end its enjoyable and decent too bad, presently no one makes these kind of movies anymore thanx for making it possible to watch on your website.

  6. Thanks for having this film available on your site. I never get tired of watching it. It did stop numerous times while I was playing it but don’t know if it was my provider or the browser (Firefox) I was using that caused the problem. Even so, a wonderful film and a wonderful site. Thanks for providing it.

  7. will you be getting” SHANE” in the near future?

    1. We have Shane . Type it in the search box and you will find it . Thanks .

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