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Ten Wanted Men – Randolph Scott – Western Movie

Ten Wanted Men – Randolph Scott – Western Movie.



Randolph Scott is tall in the saddle once more in the Scott-Brown production Ten Wanted Men. The star is cast as John Stewart, who attempts to establish law and order on his vast Arizona spread without resorting to violence. Less peacefully inclined is Stewart’s chief rival Wick Campbell (Richard Boone), who believes that might is right. To this end, Campbell recruits the services of hired gun Frank Scavo (Leo Gordon) and eight other pluguglies to drive all competition out of the territory. Jocelyn Brando costars as the woman in Stewart’s life, while Donna Martell plays Campbell’s much-abused mistress. Also registering well is Skip Homeier as Stewart’s resentful nephew, who’d rather be anywhere else but Arizona.

This page used to haveGun the Man Down starring James Arness so some of the comments may be about that western movie!
From 1956 this is interesting because as the poster says it stars the star of The Gunsmoke western TV series. This movie says INTRODUCING Angie Dickinson and also stars Robert Wilke, Don Megowan, Harry Carey Jr., Emile Meyer, Frank Fenton, Michael Emmet and Pedro Gonzalez Gonzalez. Outlaws rob a bank and the drama starts from there.



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  1. First time I’ve seen “Gun the Man Down” and I’ve seen plenty of oaters. This site is great for catching up. Loved the movie!

  2. love this site thank you

  3. Them Clanton fellers must have rustled this here movie!

  4. Just discovered this site. Kudos! A good opportunity to see the classics once again. However I have seen Gunfight At the OK Corral, and was never impressed with it due to its preponderance of historical inaccuracies. Hollywood screen writers have no sense of history and they sure missed the mark here. Wyatt Earp was in Fort Griffin, TX in 1878, and in this film Burt mentions “Oklahoma City, 10 years ago”…Ohlahoma City did not exist until 1889, and 10 years before being in Fort Griffin Earp was in California! aside from these few films which are drivel by and large this site is an excellent place to find classic westerns. Keep it up!

  5. I love Burt Lancaster and Kirk Douglas here in this movie since I’d seen a long time back, wish you’ll have more of Kirk’s such as- There Was A Crooked Man, Along The Great Divide

  6. Dear Mr. Terry and to all others responsible for this website. Thank you so much. Your hard work in compiling these films is greatly appreciated. If it wasn’t for people like you and Kevin Costner I believe the western genre would have gone the way of the horse and buggey. Whenever I need my westerns “fix” which is daily, I turn to your marvellous site. Hope Warner Bros. will allow you to post these movies “Badmen of Missouri” with Dennis Morgan and “When the Daltons Rode” with Randolph Scott. Would really like to see these flicks.

    1. As far as Warner Brothers “allowing” anything don’t hold your breath. Most of the time I see a screen blanked out for “copyright” reasons “Warner Brothers” is usually the reason. I’ll stop here or I’ll go into a tirade about corporate greed.

      And I agree with the western “fix” quip. I love this website.

  7. Ihave seen this movie 27times just love it

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