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The Proud Rebel 1958 western movie Alan Ladd

Full western movie of The Proud Rebel starring Alan Ladd and Olivia de Havilland. This is a public domain movie with commentary by Bob Terry . Also in this movie is Alan Ladds son David Ladd .



Also Dean Jagger James Westerfield , Cecil Kellaway , Henry Hull , Harry Dean Stanton , Tom Pittman and John Carradine.

Also King the dog. This is a story of a man Alan Ladd as John Chandler looking for a cure for his sons loss of speach. Alan Ladd made many western movies and this is a pretty good one.

Alan Ladd will always be most remembered for his title role in the movie western Shane . Alan Ladd started in movies in 1932 with an uncredited role in the movie Tom Brown of Culver and made his last movie as Nevada Smith in The Carpetbaggers in 1964 . The Nevada Smith character was later revised in what was really a prequel to The Carpetbaggers in a 1965 western titled Nevada Smith Starring Steve McQueen.


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  1. I watched this movie for the first time ! All the firearms were correct for that time period. They had 2 1869 Remington conversion 46 caliber rim fire revolvers. This movie was made right. “The Proud Rebel” is the perfect western ! I had so much fun watching this great Allen Ladd picture ! The dog steels the show and made me cry!! Thank You , Kenny Hill

  2. Fantastic website! Thank you for great commentary and so many choices!!!

    I took an interest in Alan Ladd after watching some of your intro to this video and according to wikipedia, his hamburger stand that he opened was called “Tiny’s Patio”.

    I am loving this site! I want to watch all your commentary and all the westerns ya got!

    thanks again.

  3. Just wanted to say thank you for so a wonderful collection of westerns..this one is a classic. Keep up the great work

    1. Thank you .

  4. Hello, I just want to say thank you so very much for your diligence in uploading these great westerns from the past for folks to watch for free.
    I for one am extremely appreciative. I live below the poverty income level and it is all I can do to pay my ISP for access. I have no regular TV, dish or cable so watching things for free online is all I have now.
    Thanks again, and may God bless you,
    I love Alan Ladd, I wish you had Shane.

  5. it’s unbelieveble what a threasur you have here.
    sorry if my writing is not so good

  6. TY for this movie.I am very thankful for all the westerns you post on here.

  7. Howdy back Rick . I am sorry I do not know . All seems to run fine for me . I did try watching the videos with someones cel phone the other day to show them the site but there were just black boxes where the videos should have been . They told me they had not upgraded there phone. I did find this on the internet…….

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    Now, if you don’t have a the latest version of Adobe Flash, I would recommend downloading in from Adobe’s website.

  8. good

  9. So thankful that you have put this on the web for our viewing. My husband and I are western fanatics, and really looking for a web site that will always have something great to watch.

    Thanks Again,
    Donna Pope

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