Yella Fella The Lady From Silver Gulch with Dean Smith

Yella Fella The Lady From Silver Gulch with Dean Smith
westerns from all over the web for you to watch here for FREE . Here is a wonderful new web cast western Called Yella Fella . most of these are promos for yellow pressure treated wood . But here is a real treat with Dean Smith and Jimmy Rane . Dean was in many movies with John Wayne and is an Olympic Gold Medal winner. This show is Winner of the prestigious Western Heritage “Wrangler” award by the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum.


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  1. wearing a bright yellow hat and matching shirt, he rides the old West righting wrongs.
    Hi ho Lemondrop, awayyyyy!

  2. Nice piece.

  3. Bob I saw your video about Memphis Fest. also YELLA FELLA. They were great.

    1. Howdy Conrad . Thanks so much for watching ! Its great to hear from you ! And since you have the prizes to prove you know more than anyone else about westerns trivia I take it as a great big compliment when you say they were great ! Hope yall had a great Christmas and Happy New Year ! And Hope ta see ya here again on down tha trail ! Bob

  4. That was awesome! Great to see Dean Smith back in action. That mean old Shirley Jones
    killed him in The Cheyenne Social Club and I thought that was the end of him. Any friend of the Dukes is a friend of mine.

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