Western Commercial spoof Incident Of The Western Web

Western Commercial spoof Incident Of The Western Web

A spoof on the Rawhide TV series shows . This stars Johnie Faye Taylor and Bob Terry.


  1. You ride real well, Bob.
    Enjoyed your spot.

    I’m an old retired Merchant Marine, Bob. Your programs bring me back to center and to a more peaceful time. I usually end my day watching a program I saw when it was on originally.
    I never tire of old westerns. I admire good horsemanship. Wish I could ride like you and our old time heros.

    Thanks for erasing all those painful decades and memories, from Viet Nam until now.
    You provide a wonderful service, ol’ buddy.
    God’s blessings to you and the misses.

    1. It is an hornor to me that you posted here . Thank you so much . You know Clint Walker was also a Merchant Marine!

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