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Zorros Secret Passage

Zorros Secret Passage
western movies and television shows from all over the web for you to watch here for FREE . This is Disneys Zorro . This is episode 2 To view these wonderful episodes of Zorro ( The Fox ) just place you mouse arrow on the Zorro series name again , scroll down and click on the episode you would like to watch . Its that easy . Wow Great shows like when we were kids ! Although I do miss some of those wonderful old commercials like for Wolf Brand Chili , Jello , Nestle Quick , Green Giant vegetables , Keebler Elves cookies , Dolly Madison and all those great family friendly company commercials that would come on that were actually made to even entertain us kids a bit instead of some commercials I have seen that have made me cringe when my small children were watching and even embarrassed me a bit !

Don Diego shows his man-servant, Bernardo, the secret passage in his father’s hacienda that leads from his bedroom to the stable below, where he keeps the black stallion Tornado. Guy Williams, Britt Lomond, Henry Calvin and Eugenia Paul.


  1. Zorro was one of my favorites as a boy.It sure is good to be able to see it again,Thank you westernsontheweb!

  2. This is Brenda again. I looked up that Zorro paint by number set on Google…I found it! It was 12″ x 16″! ha ha… seemed so big when I was so small! Someone has one still in the box and unused…..asking $500. oh well…..easy come….easy go…..

  3. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! I’ve been wanting to see Zorro again for many years. Guy Williams was the best one! Antonio B. is close though! I watched Zorro as a girl and this brings back the memories. My mom bought me a paint by number set of Zorro on his standing black horse with dark thunderclouds in the background. It was a huge painting….probably 2′ x 3’…..I almost finished it but never did!

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