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Zorro’s Ride Into Terror

Zorro’s Ride Into Terror
western movies and television shows from all over the web for you to watch here for FREE . This is Disneys Zorro . Colorized . This is episode 8 . To view these wonderful episodes of Zorro ( The Fox ) just place you mouse arrow on the Zorro series name again , scroll down and click on the episode you would like to watch . Its that easy . Wow Great shows like when we were kids ! Although I do miss some of those wonderful old commercials like for Wolf Brand Chili , Jello , Nestle Quick , Green Giant vegetables , Keebler Elves cookies , Dolly Madison and all those great family friendly company commercials that would come on that were actually made to even entertain us kids a bit instead of some commercials I have seen that have made me cringe when my small children were watching and even embarrassed me a bit !

Directed by Lewis R. Foster. With Guy Williams, Britt Lomond, Henry Calvin, Gene Sheldon. Don Alejandro is wounded by the soldiers, and is being tracked down by Capt. Monastario. Don Diego is under house arrest, and must find a way to ride to his father’s aid without arousing suspicions. Zorro rushes his wounded father to the secret cave where Tornado is stabled and tries to tend to his wounds, a task made more difficult by the fact that Alejandro has become delirious from infection. Monastario leads his men to the hacienda hoping to find Alejandro there, and Diego barely has time to doff his costume before the soldiers enter. Still wary of Diego, the capitan places him under arrest and orders his men to search the grounds for his quarry.

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