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Presenting Senor Zorro

Presenting Senor Zorro
western movies and television shows from all over the web for you to watch here for FREE . This is Disneys Zorro . Colorized . To view these wonderful episodes of Zorro ( The Fox ) just place you mouse arrow on the Zorro series name again , scroll down and click on the episode you would like to watch . Its that easy . Wow Great shows like when we were kids ! Although I do miss some of those wonderful old commercials like for Wolf Brand Chili , Jello , Nestle Quick , Green Giant vegetables , Keebler Elves cookies , Dolly Madison and all those great family friendly company commercials that would come on that were actually made to even entertain us kids a bit instead of some commercials I have seen that have made me cringe when my small children were watching and even embarrassed me a bit !

The very first episode! Don Diego Dela Vega has been studying in Spain for three years, and returns to California in 1820 as a master swordsman. Upon learning that a new Commandante has taken command of the Los Angeles pueblo and rules with an iron and corrupt hand! Guy Williams, Britt Lomond, Henry Calvin and George J. Lewis.


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  1. Yeah, I hate to say it but I remember watching this as a kid. Thanks?

  2. these Zorro episodes are better then the onesv we have Today………

  3. Its a pleasure to be able to watch the TV Westerns that I use to watch as a kid, I am enjoying them tremendously, Thanks to you wonderful people, and to Bob Terry. Keep up the fantastic work.

  4. My absolute favorite is Zorro….All of my friends from the neighborhood are being informed about and when my best friend Tunk heard about Wild Bill Hicock and Jingles was on it I thought I heard him sob over the phone(hahahahaa)what a girl…..hahahahah……..Thanks again for the memories…..Jay-Jay

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