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The Interpreter Audie Murphy tv western Whispering Smith

The Interpreter Audie Murphy tv western Whispering Smith

Episodes Episode title Original airdate
1-1 “The Blind Gun” May 8, 1961
1-2 “The Grudge” May 15, 1961
1-3 “The Devil’s Share” May 21, 1961
1-4 “Stake-Out” May 29, 1961
1-5 “Safety Valve” June 5, 1961
1-6 “Stain of Justice” June 12, 1961
1-7 “The Deadliest Weapon” June 19, 1961
1-8 “The Quest” June 26, 1961
1-9 “Three for One” July 3, 1961
1-10 “Death at Even Money” July 10, 1961
1-11 “The Hemp Reeger Case” July 17, 1961
1-12 “The Mortal Coil” July 24, 1961
1-13 “Cross Cut” July 31, 1961
1-14 “Double Edge” August 7, 1961
1-15 “Trademark” August 14, 1961
1-16 “The Jodie Tyler Story” August 21, 1961
1-17 “Poet and Peasant Case” August 28, 1961
1-18 “Dark Circle” September 4, 1961
1-19 “Swift Justice” September 11, 1961
1-20 “The Idol” September 18, 1961
1-21 “String of Circumstances” Never aired
1-22 “The Interpreter” Never aired
1-23 “The Homeless Wind” Never aired
1-24 “Trial of the Avengers” Never aired
1-25 “Prayer of a Chance” Never aired
1-26 “Hired to Die” Never aired


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  1. Audie was great, sorry to hear the stupid Senate dragged him in for hearings on violence in the 60’s concerning this show, it was great before its time may he rest in peace…..

  2. well said Michael H. Well said.

  3. I can’t understand why the Whispering Smith series wasn’t a hit when it premiered in 1961. There were some complaints that it was pioneering in excessive violence, but that could have been worked out. The plots were clever and philosophical; the stars were Audie Murphy (the most-decorated soldier in WWII–and a strikingly handsome, very talented actor)–and Guy Mitchell, a likeable hit singer. The voice-over narration was a good feature. The opening theme music was memorable. Some plots were so exciting and memorable that I’ve thought about them for decades. Even Audie Murphy’s slight Texas accent was appealing. What did the American public WANT on TV in 1961? THANKS to WESTERNS on the WEB and its sponsor for these episodes!!!

    1. Whispering Smith was a summer replacement when it first aired. Production of the series had been delayed twice over two years; once when Sam Buffington, who played Smith’s boss, committed suicide; and again when Guy Mitchell, who played Smith’s sidekick, was seriously injured in a riding accident. The uproar over violence on TV was a major thing in the early 60s, with at least one series (The Dakotas) being canceled because of complaints over a scene where the lawmen chased two outlaws into a church and shot them. Audie Murphy got dragged into a Senate hearing on violence after complaints about a Whispering Smith episode; and by that time all the problems with getting the show on the air in the first place had him burnt out on TV altogether, and he returned to doing movies.

  4. the great audie murphy.thanks

  5. i do enjoy the westerns

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