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Death at Even Money Audie Murphy tv western Whispering Smith

Death at Even Money Audie Murphy tv western Whispering Smith
Westerns On The Web rounds up western shows and here is the Audie Murphy tv western Whispering Smith . Original air date 1961
Starring Audie Murphy, Guy Mitchell and Sam Buffington

Among current and future stars who appeared on Whispering Smith were
Robert Redford and Gloria Talbott as Johnny and Cora Gates in “The Grudge”, the second episode of the series
Harry Carey, Jr. as Sergeant Stringer in “Safety Valve”
Richard Chamberlain as Chris Harrington in “Stain of Justice”
James Best in starring role in “The Hemp Reeger Case”
Roscoe Ates (1895–1962), formerly of the 1950 western The Marshal of Gunsight Pass, as a sheriff in the episode entitled “Three for One”
Clu Gulager, later co-star of The Tall Man and The Virginian, as Jeff Whalen in “The Devil’s Share”
Myron Healey as Jim Conley in “Double Edge”
Don Keefer as Dr. Johnson in “The Deadliest Weapon”
Read Morgan as Hob Tyler in “The Jodie Tyler Story”
Forrest Tucker, later star of the western sitcom F Troop, as Gunman Bardot in “Trademark”
Elen Willard, as Charlotte Laughlin in “The Quest”
Alan Hale, Jr., who starred in the western series Casey Jones, appeared in the series finale, “The Idol”, as Ole Brindessen, the witness to a swindler who commits murder.


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  1. anyone know why the series is called Whispering Smith, didn’t pick up on Audie doing any Whispering unless its referring to the narration he does.

  2. Max Smart would be so disappointed in his Chief but Audie Murphy saved the day. Thanks for a great western featuring a true legend of Hollywood. And a true American.

  3. Enjoyed another one. Thanks.

  4. Good family shows thank again!!!!

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