Wagon Train western TV shows free

Wagon Train western TV shows free
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Wagon Train is an American Western series that ran on NBC from 1957–62 and then on ABC from 1962–65, although the network also aired daytime repeats, as Major Adams, Trailmaster and Trailmaster (post-1961 episodes without original series lead Ward Bond), from January 1963 to September 1965. The show debuted at #15 in the Nielsen ratings, rose to #2 in the next three seasons, and peaked at #1 in the 1961–62 television season. After moving to ABC in the autumn of 1962, the ratings began to decline, and Wagon Train did not again make the Top 20 listing.
The series initially starred veteran movie supporting actor Ward Bond as the wagon master, later replaced upon his death by John McIntire, and Robert Horton as the scout, subsequently replaced by lookalike Robert Fuller a year after Horton had decided to leave the series.
The series was inspired by the 1950 film Wagon Master directed by John Ford and starring Ben Johnson, Harry Carey Jr. and Ward Bond, and harkens back to the early widescreen wagon train epic The Big Trail (1930) starring John Wayne and featuring Bond in his first major screen appearance playing a supporting role. Horton’s buckskin outfit as the scout in the first season of the television series resembles Wayne’s, who also played the wagon train’s scout in the earlier film. The show chronicles the adventures of a wagon train as it makes its way from Missouri to California. There were 284 episodes in 8 seasons: the first aired on September 18, 1957, and the final segment was broadcast on May 2, 1965. Some of the actors appearing on Wagon Train included Ward Bond as wagon master Major Seth Adams (seasons 1–4), Robert Horton as scout Flint McCullough (seasons 1–5), John McIntire as wagon master Christopher Hale (seasons 4–8), Robert Fuller as scout Cooper Smith (seasons 7–8), Denny Scott Miller as Duke Shannon (seasons 5–7), Michael Burns as Barnaby West (seasons 4–8), Frank McGrath as Charlie Wooster (cook, seasons 1–8), and Terry Wilson as Bill Hawks (seasons 1-8). McIntire replaced Bond as wagon master upon Bond’s death at age 57, and Fuller replaced Horton as scout a season after Horton opted to depart, an obvious choice since Fuller had already played a lead in another western series (Laramie on NBC) and physically resembled Horton. Horton and Fuller even shared the same birthday, albeit nine years apart.
Ward Bond was billed above Robert Horton in the opening credits, but Horton was later billed above relative newcomer John McIntire, and McIntire and Fuller rotated top billing from episode to episode when Fuller joined the series in the seventh season. During the sixth season, Horton had left and Fuller had not yet replaced him, so McIntire carried the show with the supporting cast. Neither Bond nor McIntire, both veterans of dozens of supporting roles in films, routinely played the lead in theatrical films, although Bond did in at least one B-picture. Rivals Bond and Horton frequently quarreled on the set, an extensively publicized development at the time, lending an element of verisimilitude to their disputes within the episodes themselves.
The series aired for most of its run in black-and-white, except for five color episodes (4 October 1961 – Polly Bergen – “Kitty Albright Story”, 1 November 1961 – Carolyn Jones – “Jenna Douglas Story”, 6 December 1961 – Dana Wynter – “Lizabeth Ann Calhoun Story”, 7 February 1962 – Gary Clarke – “Lonnie Fallon Story”, and 14 March 1962 – Paul Fix – “Amos Billings Story”) during the fifth season (1961–62) on NBC (to help promote the sales of parent company RCA’s color television sets). The series returned to its original black-and-white format for the remainder of its run on ABC, damaging the ratings, until its final season in 1964, when it again began to telecast its episodes in color. (ABC did not begin broadcasting in color until 1964.)
The series used the cut-down, shortened wagons common to television series budgets, as opposed to the full-length oxen-drawn Conestoga wagons prominent in a forerunner of the show, the 1930 wagon train film The Big Trail, which features 27-year-old Ward Bond (occasionally film clips from Hollywood movies, showing a train of Conestogas, were edited into the episodes).

The Santiago Quesada Story

Alias Bill Hawkes Wagon Train TV show

Wagon Train: Alias Bill Hawkes Wagon Train TV show Bill Hawks travels to a desert town to visit an old friend, an Indian who has a ranch there. However, upon arriving on his friend’s property, he discovers that it is under the control of the local townspeople, who are drilling for water. John McIntire, Denny …

Barnaby West Story Wagon Train TV show

Barnaby West Story Wagon Train TV show Bill meets young Barnaby West who claims he is traveling west on foot to Sacramento to see his father a famous frontiersman. Bill takes a liking to the boy, and invites him to join the wagon train. John McIntire, Denny Miller, Frank McGrath, Michael Burns.

The Clara Duncan Story Wagon Train TV show

The Clara Duncan Story Wagon Train TV show Directed by Jerry Hopper. With Ward Bond, Robert Horton, Angie Dickinson, William Reynolds. Clara Duncan joins the train in a search for her artist fiance. But finding him could lead to trouble, as one of his missing paintings depicting a heinous crime may implicate some of the …

The Dr Denker Story – Wagon Train TV show

The Dr Denker Story – Wagon Train TV show Directed by Joseph Pevney. With John McIntire, Robert Fuller, Denny Miller, Frank McGrath. Duke and Charlie are taken prisoner by servants of Princess Mei Ling, matriarch of a hidden Chinese empire, and forced to work as slaves. The series was inspired by the 1950 film Wagon …

The John Cameron Story

The John Cameron Story John Cameron, from Philadelphia, heads west with his wife to start a new life. Her flirtatious ways may get the better of her when three trappers come into camp offering fresh buffalo and thinking she might be more available than she is – with Carolyn Jones.

The Kitty Pryor Story

The Kitty Pryor Story Guest stars MANNETTE FUNICELLO Ross Martin. In this Wagon Train episode. Coop and Rose Pulaski are falling in love with each other but Rose’s brother Sam objects, as he has to every man Rose has wanted to be with.

The Maud Frazer Story

The Maud Frazer Story 3rd episode of the 5th season. Originally aired on Oct. 11, 1961. With Barbara Stanwyck. Maud Frazer takes command of her wagon train after her husband and the other men on it are killed. Flint tries to dissuade Maud from leading her ladies through hostile Indian country. Robert Horton, John McIntire, …

The Santiago Quesada Story

The Santiago Quesada Story When Coop brings Kim Case to her home town of San Saba, he finds the people there in fear after recent Indian raids, and the nearby Army fort ready to attack. John McIntire, Robert Fuller, Denny Miller and Jena Engstrom.

The Whipping Wagon Train TV show

The Whipping Wagon Train TV show John McIntire, Robert Fuller, Denny Miller and Jeanne Cooper. With Hale gone for supplies Bill Hawks is in charge of the wagon train and he threatens to punish Barnaby with a whipping after the boy’s pranks get out of line.

Wagon Train – The Fort Pierce Story

Wagon Train – The Fort Pierce Story Due to orders from Washington to limit costs, Colonel Lathrop denies Chris Hale’s request for a military escort for the wagon train as it travels through hostile Indian territory. However, he does order Hale to take the wife of Captain Winters on the train with him. As the …

Wagon Train – The Richard Bloodgood Story

Wagon Train – The Richard Bloodgood Story Everyone wants to help pretty Melanie Craig after her husband is killed in an accident, and several men fight over who will be the one to court and marry her, including Rudd Basham, a father of three boys with all the wrong ideas about how women should be. …

Wagon Train – The Santiago Quesada Story

Wagon Train – The Santiago Quesada Story With Robert Fuller. After setting a bomb which killed his tyrannical boss, Grover Allen joins the wagon train and heads west with his widowed daughter Della and grandson Jeff. But a detective searching for Allen also joins the train, and he finds his job complicated when he falls …

Wagon Train – The Story of Cain

Wagon Train – The Story of Cain Directed by Joseph Pevney. Starring Robert Fuller, John McIntire, Frank McGrath, Terry Wilson and Suzanne Pleshette. Coop accompanies Grace Marshall to visit her sister Myra whom, traumatized by an upbringing by an abusive father, Grace finds living a life of addiction and infidelity for which Grace wrongfully blames …

Wagon Train – Whitmore Story

Wagon Train – Whitmore Story John McIntire, Robert Fuller, Frank McGrath and Joan Blondell. The Bleecker gang disguised as farmers with several wagons seek Hale’s wagon train to join but they actually carry a wagon of weapons and plan to hijack the train and use it and the weapons to rob a nearby fort of …

The Robert Harrison Clarke Story

The Robert Harrison Clarke Story westerns from all over the web for you to watch here for FREE . This westerns show is Wagon Train . This western episode stars Robert Fuller , Scott Denny Miller , John McIntire , Frank McGrath , Terry Wilson and a wonderful cast . British journalist Robert Harrison Clarke joins the …


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