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Trackdown Back To Crawford

Trackdown Back To Crawford

This video includes some photos taken on the set before the episode begins.Texas Ranger Hoby Gilman returns to his home town to find out who is threatening his sister and nephew. First broadcast on September 9,1959 this episode of Trackdown is unique as it is the only episode written by series star Robert Culp.And his first teleplay.The role of Merrilee Quintana was played by Nancy Asch, Robert’s wife and the mother of his four oldest children. Robert’s good friend and cousin Warren Oates also guest stars.


  1. I am having trouble with the first half of the first three programs listed. They go blank when I click play. You really have a good website here. All the good programs I can watch with my grandchildren. I have them hooked on the old movies and tv programs I grew up with. Thanks for your site.

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