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The West vs Colonel MacKenzie The Men from Shiloh

The West vs Colonel MacKenzie The Men from Shiloh The Last season of The Virginian is called The Men From Shiloh.

Stewart Granger joined The Virginian cast in The Men from Shiloh for its 9th Season in 1970.
Ep.1: The retired British army Colonel MacKenzie are the new owner of Shiloh ranch, he has a hard time to adjust to the way of life in Wyoming and also some disagreements with the Cattleman’s Association.
Guest Stars: Martha Hyer, Elizabeth Ashley, Don DeFore. Colonel Alan MacKenzie arrives from England as Shiloh’s new owner. Right away he faces his first challenge when a young struggling small rancher is lynched allegedly because of rustling cattle from one of the larger ranches. Another was lynched just before MacKenzie’s arrival. MacKenzie locks horns with other members of the cattlemen’s association who believe that extraordinary measures are needed to deal with rustlers, and due to his strong disagreement the colonel is beaten.


  1. The last reel of Cimarron Strip The Last Wolf is blocked.

  2. Another great movie thanks so much

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