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Nan Allen The Men from Shiloh

Nan Allen The Men from Shiloh

Upon arriving for a business appointment with a friend, MacKenzie learns that the man was killed by the brother of Nan Allen, a young woman he was in the act of assaulting. He finds this hard to believe but upon getting to know Nan, he takes a strong liking to her. When her brother Bobby is injured from an avalanche MacKenzie brings both him and Nan to Shiloh while he recuperates. As he and Nan begin to fall in love. MacKenzie starts to wonder why more than one man in her past has died violently and if Bobby’s strangely possessive attitude has something to do with all of this.

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  1. we had bad storm’s here . now have NO VOULUME on westerns on the web. help can you fix. my voulume work’s on everything else.

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