The Rebel Johnny Yuma western TV series

The Rebel Johnny Yuma western TV series



This Show is also called The Rebel and stars Nick Adams as a wanderer after the civil war. There are 76 episodes of this classic western tv series each 30 minutes long.

The show originally aired on CBS October 4, 1959 – June 18, 1961.
There are many wonderful guest stars on these western shows.
Elisha Cook, Jr.
Ellen Corby
Vic Damone
Royal Dano
John Dehner
Frank DeKova
William Demarest
Richard Devon
Bobby Diamond
George Dolenz
James Drury
Charles Aidman
Philip Ahn
Claude Akins
Michael Ansara
Barry Atwater
James Best
Robert Blake
Dan Blocker
Henry Brandon
Patricia Breslin
Victor Buono
Johnny Cash
Iron Eyes Cody
Jack Elam
Ross Elliott
Jason Evers
Richard Farnsworth
Jamie Farr
Robert Foulk
Steven Franken
Ned Glass
Mark Goddard
Virginia Gregg
Clu Gulager
Stacy Harris
Myron Healey
Richard Jaeckel
L.Q. Jones
Gail Kobe
Otto Kruger
Ruta Lee
John Marley
Strother Martin
Lon McCallister
Tyler McVey
Patricia Medina
Robert Middleton
John Mitchum
Joanna Moore
Terry Moore
Agnes Moorehead
Sue Randall
Madlyn Rhue
Paul Richards
Tex Ritter
Gail Russell
Soupy Sales
Walter Sande
William Schallert
James Seay
Dan Sheridan
Frank Silvera
Bob Steele
Olan Soule
K.T. Stevens
Warren Stevens
Gloria Talbott
Buck Taylor
Vaughn Taylor
Kenneth Tobey
Harry Townes
Robert Vaughn
James Westerfield
Peter Whitney
Marie Windsor
Carleton G. Young
Ed Nelson
Jeanette Nolan
Tom Nolan
Jay Novello
Warren Oates
Cathy O’Donnell
J. Pat O’Malley
Gigi Perreau
William Phipps
Paul Picerni
Mala Powers
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The Rebel Johnny Yuma

The Rebel Johnny Yuma The series portrays the adventures of young Confederate Army veteran Johnny Yuma, an aspiring writer, played by Nick Adams. Haunted by his memories of the American Civil War, Yuma, in search of inner peace, roams the American West, specifically the Texas Hill Country and the South Texas Plains. He keeps a …

The Rebel TV show Gold Seeker

The Rebel TV show Gold Seeker Johnny Yuma attempting to take a man for killing an Apache woman over gold to the nearest fort for trial but must pit his story against the story of the man to Apache chief Running Wolf who was the father of the woman to whom the man was husband. …

The Rebel TV show Jerkwater

The Rebel TV show Jerkwater Starring Nick Adams, John Marley, James Chandler, George Becwar. George Campbell whose brother Campbell believes Yuma killed in the war and his son provoke a gun battle with Yuma in which Yuma kills the son but is wounded. Godfather John Sims then comes to help Yuma escape from the town’s …

The Rebel TV show Panic

The Rebel TV show Panic Seeing vultures circling a cabin Johnny Yuma rides to investigate and discovers a family stricken with illness. This episode is very tense and has a surprise ending! Nick Adams, Karl Swenson, J. Pat O’Malley, Jamie Farr, Allen Kramer.

The Rebel TV show The Waiting

The Rebel TV show The Waiting Johnny Yuma stops at a saloon to wait out a rain storm only to become a hostage. Claude Akins is a bounty hunter awaiting the arrival of “The Yellow Sky Kid.” The other two hostages are the Kid’s wife and the saloon bartender. No one is allowed to leave …


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