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Texas John Slaughter episode 4 Showdown at Sandoval

Texas John Slaughter episode 4 Showdown at Sandoval

Tom Tryon, Harry Carey Jr. and the ever villainous Dan Duryea!
Westerns from all over the web for you to watch here for FREE . Here is a wonderful Disney western Texas John Slaughter. starring Tom Tryon originally airing in 1954. Complete with Cowboys, Indians, boots, saddles, cowboy hats, Colt 45 smoke, Old West Towns, fast horses, Wells Fargo offices, Stagecoach stations, runaway wagons, outlaws, bandits, Sheriffs, Marshals, Fancy belt holster rigs, guitars, Cowgirls, singers, Levis, campfires, chuckwagons, cattle drives, wagon trains, cactus, Rustlers, Good Guys, Bad Guys, Ranches, Chase scenes, Deserts, Mountains, Forests and everything else great television westerns always kept us entertained with when we were kids growing up and needed good solid Heroes.


  1. Good humor, adventure, great plot, positive role models . . .these movies contain the edifying elements of good movies that too many of present day productions lack. So much for “progress”! Thanks for sharing.

  2. not a bad series at all; well worth the watching

  3. GREAT! too bad there was only 4 episodes listed.

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