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Sky King western tv show Bullet Bait

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Sky is holding a wedding at the Flying Crown Ranch. The ceremony is interrupted however when two gangsters kidnap the groom and threaten his bride to be.
Notable guest stars include –
Stanley Andrews
Richard Beymer
James Brown
Gary Clarke
Mason Alan Dinehart
Darryl Hickman
Ed Hinton
I. Stanford Jolley
Sammee Tong
Robert Rockwell
Jill St. John
Glenn Strange
Carol Thurston
Lee Van Cleef


  1. I am trying to watch a tv western episode on my Nook. the icon comes up and spins like it is trying to load the show, but it never completes the action. Are your movies and tv episodes able to be watched via a nook?

  2. Bullet bait, a very interesting little story.Thanks

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