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The Charcoal Bullet

Shotgun Slade western tv show episode of this series. This episode is titled The Charcoal Bullet . This series was created by western writer Frank Gruber. The show stars Scott Brady and has 78 episodes that originally aired from 1959 to 1961. This is episode 37 season 1 original air date was July 1 of 1960. Hosted by Bob Terry. You will also see Frank Ferguson as the Sheriff. Subscribe to our channel if you like free westerns all brought to you here on the internet by Wild West Toys.

The smoking gun in a masked bank robbery comes in the unlikely form of a charcoal pencil held by the drunken sketch artist who witnessed the criminals plotting the robbery and can now capture their faces on paper. Can he complete his drawings before the killers get the drop on him? Thanks to Gary R. Peterson for writing this summery. Scott Brady, Robert F. Simon, Jacqueline Holt and Ned Glass.

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