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Sudden Death

western show to you here on the internet to watch for free . This is a show called Shotgun Slade and stars Scott Brady . hosted by Bob Terry . This episode is titled Sudden Death and is from season 1 episode 31 . original airing date was May 20 of 1960 . Shotgun Slade has some pretty jazzy music in contrast to most westerns shows . This show was from Revue Studios.

Scott Brady, Jeanne Cooper, Robert Bray, Alan Dexter, Victor Sen Yung. Slade is summoned to the lumber town of Big Fir to investigate an axe murder at a crooked casino.

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  1. Love ur site very good westerns but can u please get the John Wayne ‘s “The Sons of Katie Elder” one of my favorite all u tube has is trailers, thank u so much and God Bless, ….James

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