Have Gun Will Travel TV show free online

Have Gun Will Travel TV show free online



Have Gun Will Travel is an American Western television series originally airing on CBS 1957 – 1963. Rated either number 3 or number 4 in Nielsen ratings during each year of its first four seasons. This was one of the few TV shows to spawn a successful radio version. The radio series started November 23 of 1958.
this series was created by Sam Rolfe and Herb Meadow and produced by Frank Pierson, Don Ingalls, Robert Sparks, and Julian Claman. There are 225 episodes of the TV series 24 of them written by Gene Roddenberry. Other contributors included Bruce Geller, Harry Julian Fink, Don Brinkley and Irving Wallace. Andrew McLaglen directed 101 of the episodes and 19 were directed by series star Richard Boone himself. “Ballad of Paladin” was composed by
Johnny Western. Paladins business card is his calling card and the card is always focused on at one time or other during every episode.
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Death of a Gunfighter

Death of a Gunfighter Richard Boone, Suzanne Pleshette, Christopher Dark. When his distaste for a potential employer permits a murder to take place on the street in front of him, Paladin ignores an amnesty order to hunt the killer.


westerns from all over the web for you to watch here for FREE . season 4 episode 27 original air date was march 25 of 1961 of Paladin . Have Gun Will Travel . Directed by Byron Paul. With Richard Boone, Barry Kelley, David White, Suzi Carnell. When Paladin visits his pal Cus Mincus in Temple City, …

First Catch a Tiger

First Catch a Tiger Richard Boone, Pamela Lincoln, John Anderson. Two of the three men responsible for hanging Jacob Mordain’s son have been gunned down by Fred Horn. The third, heading to Wyoming to face him, is Paladin.


Genesis Directed by William Conrad. With Richard Boone, William Conrad, Parley Baer, Nestor Paiva. Paladin is assaulted in his room at the Hotel Carlton. In a furious fight, he beats down his attacker, Roderick Jefferson. The young man, it turns out, had gambling debts he couldn’t repay; the holder of his gambling IOUs wanted Jefferson …

In an Evil Time

In an Evil Time Paladin’s quarry is an elderly criminal called Pappy French who insists that every man has a price. Unfortunately, Pappy is also being hunted by more malicious hounds–his own gang. Richard Boone, Hank Patterson, William Stevens.

Les Girls

Les Girls Directed by Andrew V. McLaglen. With Richard Boone, Mabel Albertson, Helene Stanley, Roxane Berard. Rancher J. Brodie contracts Paladin to deliver three mail order brides to his home in Oregon.

Paladin Manhunter

Paladin Western Episode 104

Paladin Western Episode 104 Fight at Adobe Wells. A wealthy financier, Commodore Guilder, hires Paladin to protect him from Quanah Parker, a half-Indian, half-white warrior. Arriving at Adobe Wells, Paladin discovers that Guilder did not tell him the full story. Richard Boone, Ken Lynch, Brad Weston.

Paladin Western Episode 29

Paladin Western Episode 29 Gun Shy In order to collect the gift of a precious jade chess set, Paladin must first intercept the men who stole it from Hey Boy’s family. Richard Boone, Jeanette Nolan, Lisa Gaye.

Paladin Western Episode 4

Paladin Western Episode 4 Winchester Quarantine. With Richard Boone, Anthony Caruso, Carol Thurston. When the man in black chooses to aid a tormented Cherokee ranch owner, his actions lead to questions of which side he’s really on.

Paladin Western Episode 97

Paladin Western Episode 97 Jenny. Paladin intercedes to delay a stalker until his prey Jenny has left San Francisco, but another man, who’s eerily calm, KOs Paladin from behind. On horseback, Paladin catches up with her stagecoach, and forces the stalker off, but the silent partner quietly remains on-board, undetected. While all the men on …

The Man Who Couldn’t Talk

The Man Who Couldn’t Talk AKA The Man Who Wouldn’t Talk. An awkward rancher hires Paladin to train him in romance even as war looms with a neighboring (female) landowner. Richard Boone, Charles Bronson, Grace Raynor and Harry Carey Jr..

The Posse

westerns from all over the web for you to watch here for FREE . season 3 episode 4 original air date was October 3 of 1959 of Paladin . Have Gun Will Travel . Directed by Andrew V. McLaglen. With Richard Boone, Perry Cook, Denver Pyle, Harry Carey Jr.. Paladin meets a man on the trail who …

The Search

westerns from all over the web for you to watch here for FREE . Here is Richard Boone as Paladin . in the western tv show Have Gun will Travel . season 3 episode 39. Directed by Richard Boone. With Richard Boone, Charles Aidman, Wright King, Perry Cook. Lane Kilmer brings Paladin to the bedside …

The Yuma Treasure

The Yuma Treasure Directed by Andrew V. McLaglen. Written by Gene Roddenberry, Herb Meadow. Starring Richard Boone, Warren Stevens, Henry Brandon. Summoned to a frontier fort, Paladin learns from a Major Wilson that the nearby Maricopas — on whose land sits a legendary goldmine — have recently turned hostile. Paladine agrees to escort the Major …


westerns from all over the web for you to watch here for FREE . Here is Richard Boone in have gun will travel episode 8 season 3 . Directed by Andrew V. McLaglen. With Richard Boone, David White, Hank Patterson, Hampton Fancher. A disgraced General summons Paladin to his deathbed to deliver a message to …

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