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Louie Phetters

Louie Phetters



Directed by Harry Harris. With James Arness, Milburn Stone, Amanda Blake, John Larkin. The town drunk believes he saw a man drowned in a dream until he meets up with the man who did the drowning.

This page used to have the wonderful western movie The Stranger Wore A Gun starring Randolph Scott so some of the comments may be about that movie.


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  1. Great Movie, Thanks WOTW!

  2. “The stranger wore a gun,” with a reliable like Randolph Scott, supported by Lee Marvin and Ernest Borgnine, is a picture that can’t fail to hit the spot. I wonder whether other fans noticed the director’s tricks of involving the audience by aiming missiles and bullets at the camera. In the early colour era this must have had a few ducking in their seats! Thanks, WOTW for the pleasure you have provided even on this side of the Atlantic!

  3. Well it doesn’t work at all now….

  4. Thanks from me too!!! This is the best site I have ever found on the web. Some of the tv shows were just before my time, or we could not get them, as we only had one channel. Then my grandfather, who lived in town got cable tv! 13 channels!!! That was when I got to see some of them. Anyway, great site, keep up the good work. I may get rid of my sat. tv. Only used it for encore western channel. Now, I don`t need it. Any chance of getting more Laredo episodes?

  5. Howdy web master, love the website. Very nice of ya to put out such a site and for free. Im a Huge fan of the classic westerns, even being as Iam a younger guy from Canada. Noticed alot of the tv series and movies have been removed. any reason why? example: Gunsmoke tv series, most of the Virginian tv series, The searchers movie. and others. Also, is that all of the Bonanza espisodes they came out with. I watched the whole dang series in less then a week! Love that show. heard they filmed some near my old town of Menifee California

    1. Howdy back many are fixed now and most things are up and running . Thanks

  6. Rio Lobo, John Wayne, Jack Elam, and a great cast.I really enjoyed this movie,thank you.

  7. I am a huge john wayne fan and when you said rio bravo was the movie of the week i was estatic.
    But when i put rio bravo into the search and clicked on the video it came up rio lobo.
    Can you tell me what happened to rio bravo please?

    jerry (PAPASMURF)

    1. Howdy back . Yes Rio Bravo was the movie of the week back on July 30 2012 . We had it for a limited time only. We may get it back again in the future . I do hope you enjoy some of the other westerns. There are almost 1000 western movies and TV show episodes on Westerns On The Web.

  8. One of my most favorite movies “Rio Bravo” and can’t find it anywhere to watch.

  9. Probably due to either/or;
    Operation System – Browser

  10. Is it possible to post a copy of Zane Grey’s “Riders of the Purple Sage”
    Thanks for a fantastic site.
    Regards from Australia

  11. what a great channel fit for a desert island. how i miss all those great bad guys of the past like claude akins leo gordon and john mcintire which i’ve watched today here. nobody like them today and won.t be again.

  12. Are you going to correct the flow of the page? When you go to
    recently added, it runs over anything below it and some times you can’t read the name of the western because something else is under it.

    This is the second time I’ve sent this request. Let’s get this FIXED!!!!!!

    1. Howdy back . I am not sure what you mean I have checked and I do not see a problem . Can you take a screen shot and let me see ? Thanks

      1. Hey Bob, I love this sight. Thanks. Is there a chance we might find “North To Alaska” here at some point? I can’t seem to locate it anywhere online.


        1. Howdy back . I will see what I can do. Thanks for watching

      2. Can’t get the print screen to paste here.

  13. Just a general comment to you… As I am in New York, it is difficult to call in to meet you guys..However, I want to say a ‘Huge Thank You’ , for putting all this on the web…

    I can now watch my absolute hero of ALL time… ‘The Range Rider’ … When I was a kid, (a few years ago !!) I used to count the hours until I would see the next show, while I watched it on a little ditty TV, when I lived in London,England.. I was heart broken when that was no longer possible…BUT, now……. fantastic… it’s back…..
    I always looked out for ‘Jock’ Mahoney then, and in later years… I thought that he was the best EVER… together with ‘Dick’…. But I never had much luck finding him in anything else..

    Once again….. Thank You s00000000000000000 much….

    Alan (WonkyWay)

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