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Gunsmoke – The Hanging of Newly O’Brien

Gunsmoke – The Hanging of Newly O’Brien.



James Arness on television. The radio version ran from 1952 to 1961, and John Dunning writes that among radio drama enthusiasts “Gunsmoke is routinely placed among the best shows of any kind and any time.
This page used to have.
Siege at Red River starring Van Johnson and Joanne Dru
Also Milburn Stone.
So some of the comments may be about that western movie.


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  1. Siege at Red River, what a superb western. Thank you so much. Could I just point out it is Van Johnson and not Van Heflin. Thanks again please keep them coming.

    1. Sure is Van Johnson THANKS.

  2. My reply was to long.
    Will how about more Audie Murphy movies, work?

  3. Was a good day when my TV antenna fell didn’t know so many better shows on
    the computer.

    I have a wish list, Thanks.

    Beyond Glory
    Texas, Brooklyn and Heaven-watched
    Bad Boy
    The Kid from Texas
    Kansas Raiders-watched
    The Red Badge of Courage
    The Cimarron Kid-watched
    The Duel at Silver Creek-watched
    Column South
    Ride Clear of Diable-watched
    Drums Across the River-
    To Hell and Back
    World in My Corner
    Walk the Proud Land
    Joe Butterfly
    Guns of Fort Petticoat-watched
    Night Passage-watched
    The Quiet American
    Ride a Crooked Trail-watched
    The Gun Runners
    No Name of the Bullet-have
    The Wild and the Innocent
    Cast a Long Shadow
    The Unforgiven
    Hell Bent for Leather
    Seven Ways from Sundown
    Posse from Hell-watched
    Battle at Bloody Beach
    Six Black Horses
    Gunfight at Comanche Creek
    The Quick Gun
    Bullet for a Badman
    Apache Rifles
    Arizona Raiders
    The Texaco
    Trunk to Cairo
    40 Guns to Apache Pass-watched
    A Time for Dying

    1. we have some of these at this time . Try using the search box to find them . Thanks.

  4. “Ha a copyright infringement notice.
    Thank you

  5. Such a fun movie!

  6. Thank you for this wonderful movie. I have been searching for months to find this movie and I can’t thank you enough for the pleasure it has given me.

    Christopher Heaphy.


    1. Thank you so much for watching the movies and coming to the site . Tell your friends about Westerns On The Web . Thanks again. Happy Trails

    2. Howdy Bob,

      About Drums acroos the river, this video does not work because youtube’s account is canceled.

      1. Howdy back thanks for letting me know Drums Across the River was gone. I guess those folks did not have permission or they uploaded some others they didnt have permission to have . I have replaced Drums Across the River with Siege at Red River starring Van Heflin and Joanne Dru. Hope you will give it a watch.

  7. Its a pleasure to watch the great old classics.
    but does any body have a copy of
    Guns of San Bastion. Anthony Quine.
    pete uk

  8. I just discovered you a few days ago. What a terrific site!!! Thank you. Thank you.

  9. Hi .
    I am trying to watch Audie Murphy in Destry but the sound track is the pits , it’s not very loud even with my speakers set at full blast and the track is out of sinc. with the movie .
    What’s the problem.
    This makes three times that i’ve tride to watch it. HELP .

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