Assorted Western TV shows episodes free online

Assorted Western TV show episodes free online
On this page we put western series shows we find online that we think may not stay online long. Many TV shows would have different dramas or comedies each week and sometimes the episodes would be western.



Al Denton was once known as the quickest draw in town, but his life was ruined after he killed a teenaged boy in a duel — he is now an alcoholic wreck and the laughing stock of the community. A mysterious salesman named Henry J. Fate ostensibly further dooms Denton by causing him to inexplicably regain his expert shooting touch and once again inspire the respect and awe of the townsfolk, which Denton explains will only cause reputation-hungry gunslingers from miles around to seek him out and, inevitably, kill him. Just as Denton predicted, soon enough a challenge is delivered which Denton dare not refuse.

General Electric Theater – Too Good With A Gun (Robert Cummings, Michael Landon)

This page used to be used just for Cimarron City, Cimarron City is an American Western television series, starring George Montgomery as Matt Rockford and John Smith as Lane Temple, that aired on NBC from October 11, 1958 until April 4, 1959. The name “Cimarron City” refers to a boom town in Logan County north of Oklahoma City, rich in oil and gold which aspires to become the capital of the future state of Oklahoma, created in 1907. Matthew Rockford is the son of the founder of Cimarron City as well as the mayor and an area cattle rancher. Lane Temple, the blacksmith, serves also as the deputy sheriff. He maintains the law amid all of crooked schemes concocted in Cimarron City.
Audrey Totter played Beth Purcell, the owner of the boarding house. The episodes were supposed to rotate equally among Montgomery, Smith, and Totter. The writers, however, did not give Totter enough of the leads as promised, and she left the series. Cimarron City also featured Dan Blocker in his pre-Bonanza role as Tiny Carl Budinger, cast after the airing of the second episode as one of Rockford’s ranch hands.

George Montgomery …. Matt Rockford, Mayor
John Smith …. Deputy Lane Temple
Audrey Totter …. Beth Purcell
Dan Blocker …. Tiny Carl Budinger
Wally Brown …. Jed Fame
Claire Carleton …. Alice Purdy
Pete Dunn …. Dody Hamer
George Dunn…. Jesse Williams
Tom Fadden …. Silas Perry
Stuart Randall …. Sheriff Art Sampson, later on Laramie with John Smith from 1961 to 1963
Addison Richards …. Martin Kingsley
Fred Sherman …. Burt Purdy
Guest stars
Nick Adams
Morris Ankrum
Frank Bank (uncredited)
Edgar Buchanan
John Carradine
Walter Coy
Linda Darnell
Dan Duryea
Olive Carey
Mike Connors
Eduard Franz
Peter Graves
Myron Healey
Ed Hinton
Richard Jaeckel
Douglas Kennedy
John Litel
June Lockhart
Fred MacMurray
John McIntire
Dorothy Malone
Gary Merrill
Elizabeth Montgomery
Rita Moreno
J. Carrol Naish
Debra Paget
Luana Patten
Jason Robards, Sr.
Pernell Roberts
Dean Stockwell
Randy Stuart
Gloria Talbott
Lee Van Cleef
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  1. westerns on the web haze great movies i thank you for the movies

  2. All the videos in this section (Assorted Western TV shows episodes free online) have all ready been removed and/or made private. Thanks for all the westerns you guys put up on this site, it’s great!!!

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