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This was the page for Rootin Tootin Rhythm – Gene Autry western movie. so there are comments about that western movie.

Chasing rustlers, Gene and Frog find that two of them have killed two deputies and changed clothes with them. Hoping to find the gang leader they change into the outlaw’s clothes. This puts them on the right track when the big boss Stafford saves them from a posse. But the two outlaws now posing as Deputies arrive and Gene and Frog soon find themselves prisoners. From 1937. With Gene Autry, Smiley Burnette and Armida

This was the page forThe Gambler from Natchez starring Dale Robertson and Debra Paget so there are comments about that western movie.


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  1. I liked your tribute to Dale Robertson. It’s guys like that who help me to remember to try and not be such a critical prick. I’m big into “politics” and tend to call people idiots I don’t agree with. I tend to get cranky.

    It’s strange I had done that a few minutes before I looked up something in the Bible and happened to come across Matt. 5:22. It would be so easy to call myself unworthy and quit reading the Bible alltogether. But I get these reminders like your happening to mention Dale Robertson. And I guess the message is “Don’t stop trying to be one of the good guys”. Admit I’m an idiot and move on. I like to call your Westerns on the Web my “therapy”. I see the way this country is going. I actually used to “dial” a telephone and remember when candy bars were a dime. I remember the days before Stater Brothers supermarket when we’d go to corner Grocer where the butcher would give my mom free veal. I remember when coffee was free with your meals.

    Now we’re plagued by those Audio Terrorists in their Boomer Cars. And the “law” does absolutely nothing about these bullies. I’m assaulted almost hourly as they “drive by” my house pounding my walls and causing my windows to actually vibrate. And of course that’s just one “symptom” of our decline.

    That’s what I mean by “therapy”. It’s nice to escape back to a happier time. Thanks for the break.

  2. I have been watching for a month or more and all these beautiful westerns but like once before everything is playing in utube and that is a small screen. Can you fix again I don’t like the small screen. Thank you and keep these great movies.

  3. you’re an excellent channel. terrific pic along with ride the high country and ride lonesome scott’s best western. he had terrific bad guys to go up against and excellent directors. claude akins is great. the script got lazy and used the akins speech about making sure she isn’t branded in his magnificent 7 pic and gave it to warren oates and the akins speech about npt being to low grade your husband in 7 men from now with lee marvin delivering it. thanks for running scott pics

  4. What a superb movie.Beautiful scenery and Randolph Scott who could ask for more. I really enjoyed this movie.

  5. I have always thought this to be one of Randy Scotts best films, the photography of the Scenery is fantastic and the acting top notch, Claude Akins, Nancy Gates, Skip Homeier and Richard Rust are authentic and believeable with Randolph Scott turning in his usual fine performance. Ranks in my top 5 westerns of all time #1 The Searchers #2 3:10 to Yuma (Glenn Ford version) #3 Comanche Station, #4 Stagecoach (1939) #5 McClintock and of course these are subject to change after the top 3 depending on mood swings and spur of the moment whims.

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