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26 Men The Wild Bunch Westerns TV Show

26 Men The Wild Bunch Westerns TV Show. Starring Kelo Henderson and Tris Coffin.

Directed by Reg Browne. With Tristram Coffin, Kelo Henderson, Norma Ward, Hal Hopper. A member of the notorious Wild Bunch bandit gang escapes from Ranger Clint Travis’ custody, resulting in his being fired. Furious, Travis sets out to take on the whole gang and salvage his career and reputation.

This page at one time had the western television series show episode Cavern of the Wind Law of the Plainsman so some of the comments may be about that wonderful western.
This series starred starred Michael Ansara and aired in 1959 and 1960 originally. Ansara starred as Deputy U.S. Marshal Sam Buckhart an Apache Indian US Marshal The character also appeared on The Rifleman series show where he was introduced. There were 30 episodes of this tv show Sam Buckhart had saved a US Cavalry Officer after an Indian ambush . Later the Officer died leaving Sam Money for an Eastern Education. Returning Home to New Mexico and Becoming a United States Marshal.
Unscrupulous prospectors kill an Indian for a map they believe will lead them to gold. Then, they kidnap Sam to decipher the instructions which are written in Apache symbols. The prospectors aren’t expecting to be greeted at the cave by a group of revenge-seeking tribe members.Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Apr 21, 1960.

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  1. Much obliged for these great shows and movies. I’ve been a watchin’ fer nearly three years and jest figured out how to log in. Jest wanted to thank y’all fer all of these. I am a big fan of Westerns on the Web and hope you last a long long time. I got some ancestors that were Texans, Arizonans and Nevadans, Cherokee too.

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