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Lost Treasures of the Old West

This is an original Western Series produced by Westerns On The Web dealing with Valuable Treasures that still remain unclaimed in the Western United States.

LOST TREASURES of the OLD WEST TV series half hour episode one. Lost Treasures of the Old West is an original Westerns On The Web production. Originally released online as web episodes this is the official full length complete half hour time slot television pilot. Produced by Bob and Johnie Terry and hosted by Bob Terry. This series deals with legends of lost treasure in the Western United States that are still unclaimed. Gold, Silver and other valuable items that could still be discovered.

Bob Terry Explores tales of Lost Treasures in the American Old West. Everything from missing stolen gold to Old West treasures that may already be in your possession tucked away in your attic, storage shed or basement.

Old West Treasure that remains undiscovered and unclaimed. Riches are still out there waiting to be found and that someone could be you!