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Stagecoach West produced 38 episodes all in black and white. This series originally aired on ABC TV from October 4 1960 through June 27 1961. Stagecoach West was brought to TV by the same folks who did The Rifleman, Wanted:Dead or Alive, Johnny Ringo, Law of the Plainsmen, Zane Grey Theater, Four Star Television, Luke Perry Wayne Rogers with his partner Simon Kane Robert Bray operate a Stage Line from Missouri to San Francisco. Simon’s son David Kane Richard Eyer is also in the cast.

Originally airing on Tuesday nights for the 1960 and 1961 season.
Guest stars included James Best, Robert Cabal, John Milford, Denver Pyle, Jack Elam, Don Dubbins, Joanna Barnes, Ruta Lee, John Dehner, Philip Carey, I. Stanford Jolley, Dan Haggerty, Ben Cooper, Beverly Garland, Cesar Romero, Virginia Grey, Warren Oates, Jack Lord, Robert Harland, Gigi Perreau, Darren McGavin and James Coburn.

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The Arsonist

This is Stagecoach West starring Wayne Rogers . The Arsonist Directed by Don McDougall. With Richard Eyer, Wayne Rogers, Robert Bray, James Dunn. A retiring bookkeeper agrees to help a businessman destroy his factory for the insurance money backfires when the owner is killed in a bungled robbery by his wife’s lover. The crook joins the husband …

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