The Lone Ranger amazing color western movie starring Clayton Moore and Jay Silverheels

The Lone Ranger color western movie starring Clayton Moore and Jay Silverheels. Full length, complete movie.

From 1956 a fantastic color western movie. Kilgore to mine silver on Indian land. The mountain he wants is sacred to the Indians. The Lone Ranger investigates mysterious raids on white settlers by Native Americans who ride with saddles.
Clayton Moore as The Lone Ranger
Jay Silverheels as Tonto
Lyle Bettger as Reese Kilgore
Bonita Granville as Welcome Kilgore
Perry Lopez as Pete Ramirez
Robert J. Wilke as Cassidy
John Pickard as Sheriff Sam Kimberley
Beverly Washburn as Lila Kilgore
Michael Ansara as Angry Horse
Frank DeKova as Chief Red Hawk
Charles Meredith as Governor
Mickey Simpson as Powder
Zon Murray as Goss
Lane Chandler as Chip Walker

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  1. 44scd

    It is a shame that western movies are no longer made like this. the new Lone Ranger was not made for the average western star and there was no way that I would take my grand kids to see it. There are so many ways to make a good western movie that both the young and the old would enjoy. The new people in Hollywood do not understand what people want only what they want. Anyway I thank you for all of the good old westerns that you show.

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