Stars: James Newill, Sally Blane, Benny Rubin
Director: Sam Newfield
Writers: George Rosener (screenplay), John Rathmell (screenplay)
Ann Fenwick is a witness to a bank robbery in the U.S. and the bandits, led by Trigger (Warner Richmond) and Leon (Ted Adams) capture her and when she disappears, a warrant is issued for her arrest as a material witness. The bank robbers flee across the border into Canda where they steal a trailer in which they lock Ann and the loot. The hitch breaks and the trailer plunges into a lake. Sergeant Renfrew (James Newill) and Constable Kelly (Dave O’Brien), of the Canadian Mounties,rescue Ann and she tells them she is a hitch-hiking tourist and gives a false name. Renfrew sends Kelly for aid, Ann escapes and Kelly returns with the news that she is wanted. The leader of the gang, Cardigan (Milburn Stone), sends the gang back for Ann and the loot, which Ann has hidden in a trappers cabin, just before Trigger recaptures her. Renfrew goes to her rescue, but is also captured. But reliable Constable Kelly is somewhere in the woods.

This page had The Kid From TexasAudie Murphy and Gale Storm. So some of the comments may be about that western movie.
Audie in one of his first starring rolls! He plays a great Billy The Kid! No one has mentioned explicitly but for the younger viewers Audie Murphy was the real McCoy. Many gunslingers in Westerns were actors. Audie Murphy was a gunman, He jumped on a burning tank in WWII and held off the enemy until his unit was safe. If you put all the movie “gunslingers” together, Audie would be number one!
Audie Murphy as Billy the Kid
Gale Storm as Irene Kain
Albert Dekker as Alexander Kain
Shepperd Strudwick as Jameson
Will Geer as O’Fallon
William Talman as Minniger
Martin Garralaga as Morales
Robert H. Barrat as General Lew Wallace
Walter Sande as Crowe
Frank Wilcox as Pat Garrett
Dennis Hoey as Major Harper

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