Thrill to the daring exploits of the bold pioneer who blazed the Wilderness Road…and had to fight his Red brother to bring peace to the new frontier!
Pioneer Daniel Boone moves his people into Kentucky but must battle the native Shawnee Indians, who have been told that he is there to kill them and take their lands.
This page did have Saddle Tramp 1950 Joel McCrea western. so some of the posts may be about that western movie.
After his friend is killed in an accident a care free cowpuncher inherits the kids!
Joel McCrea as Chuck Conner
Wanda Hendrix as Della
John Russell as Rocky
John McIntire as Jess Higgins
Jeanette Nolan as Ma Higgins
Russell Simpson as Pop
Ed Begley as Mr. August Hartnagle
Jimmy Hunt as Robbie
Orley Lindgren as Tommie
Gordon Gebert as Johnnie
Gregory Moffett as Butch
Antonio Moreno as Martinez
John Ridgely as Slim
Walter Coy as The Stranger
Joaquin Garay as Pancho
Peter Leeds as Springer
Michael Steele as Orvie
Paul Picerni as Denver
This is the page where we had The Oregon Trail starring Fred MacMurray western movie so some of the posting may be about it!


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  1. timbo0894

    would you be nice enough to upload Pawnee from 1957

  2. timbo0894

    can you guys upload anymore westerns. I want to see Pawnee from 1957

  3. djpseudonym

    Cracking tale..loved it all. I had to laugh at some of the early scenes where there was a reverb on the voices from being filmed in a studio, when they were meant to be in the wide open plains. But super story..Thanks Bob!

  4. pomartinez999

    Thank you for Westernsontheweb. This is the best service you could ever give. Oregon Trail is one of the best western movies.

  5. trellis

    Mr. Bob Terry on your site when you select a catagogl and the list below it apears, but it is overlaped by the catagories it is sopose to overlap and that impeads ones ability to select the show or movie they are trying to access.

    1. Western Movies Online

      try watching in internet explorer and make sure your internet explorer is uptodate. Thanks

  6. DaveJay1000

    To all of you at westonontheweb Thank you


  7. geoffwood

    Excellent movie thank you

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