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The Fighting Renegade (Tim McCoy) Western Movies Full Length

The Fighting Renegade (Tim McCoy) Western Movies Full Length.



In this action, romance, western movie A Mexican guide is guiding an archaeological expedition men are murdered and all is not as it would seem. Directing done by Sam Newfield. Starring Tim McCoy, Joyce Bryant, Ben Corbett, Ted Adams. Originally released on 1 september 1939.
Tim McCoy as Bill Carson
Joyce Bryant as Marian Willis
Ben Corbett as Magpie
Ted Adams as Link Benson
Budd Buster as Old Dobie
Dave O’Brien as Dr. Jerry Leonard
Forrest Taylor as Prof. Lucius Lloyd
Reed Howes as Sheriff
John Elliott as Prospector

On this page was Trojan Horse Law of the Plainsman at one time so some of the comments might be about that western TV series show.
This series starred starred Michael Ansara and aired in 1959 and 1960 originally. Ansara starred as Deputy U.S. Marshal Sam Buckhart an Apache Indian US Marshal The character also appeared on The Rifleman series show where he was introduced. There were 30 episodes of this tv show Sam Buckhart had saved a US Cavalry Officer after an Indian ambush . Later the Officer died leaving Sam Money for an Eastern Education. Returning Home to New Mexico and Becoming a United States Marshal.
Classic western TV series episode shows to watch free. Complete with Cowboy boots, saddles, cowboy hats, Colt 45 smoke, Old West Towns, fast horses, Banks, Wells Fargo offices, Stagecoach stations, runaway wagons, outlaws, bandits, Sheriffs, Marshals, Fancy belt holster rigs, guitars, Cowgirls, singers, Levis, Wranglers, blue jeans, campfires, chuckwagons, cattle drives, wagon trains, cactus, Rustlers, Good Guys, Bad Guys, Ranches, Chase scenes, Deserts, Mountains, Forests and everything else great television westerns always kept us entertained with when we were kids growing up and needed good solid Heroes.

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  1. Michael Holasek

    Suspenseful plots; excellent acting; sympathetic characters; beautiful theme music; good humor in some episodes amid the suspense. What DID Americans WANT on TV, considering that this great series lasted only one season?

    I remember one episode–not yet included on this website–in which a “dude” from out East is harassed by bullies and they are properly punished before the surprise ending. In fact, some of the episodes you’ve shown also have great surprise endings–sometimes just in one final sentence!

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