Tim McCoy WESTERNS FREE Timothy John Fitzgerald McCoy April 10, 1891 Saginaw, Michigan, U.S.A.



western movies and television shows from all over the web for you to watch here for FREE . Tim McCoy western movies free . Westerns full of boots, old west, big cowboy hats, spurs and saddles. American actor, military officer, and expert on American Indian life and customs. cCoy hosted a KTLA television show in Los Angeles in 1952, called “The Tim McCoy Show”, for children on weekday afternoons and Saturdays, in which he provided authentic history lessons on the Old West and showed his old western movies. His co-host was the actor Iron Eyes Cody who, while of Italian lineage, played an American Indian both on and off screen.

Films include –
1925 The Thundering Herd Burn Hudnall
1926 War Paint Lt. Tim Marshall
1927 Winners of the Wilderness Col. O’Hara
California Capt. Archibald Gillespie
The Frontiersman John Dale
Foreign Devils Capt. Robert Kelly
Spoilers of the West Lt. Lang
1928 The Law of the Range Jim Lockhart
Wyoming Lt. Jack Colton
Riders of the Dark Lt. Crane
The Adventurer Jim McClellan
Beyond the Sierras The Masked Stranger
The Bushranger Edward
1929 Morgan’s Last Raid Capt. Daniel Clairbourne
The Overland Telegraph Capt. Allen
Sioux Blood Flood
The Desert Rider Jed Tyler
1930 The Indians Are Coming Jack Manning 12 chapter serial
1931 Heroes of the Flames Bob Darrow 12 chapter serial
The One Way Trail Tim Allen
Shotgun Pass Tim Walker
The Fighting Marshal Tim Benton
1932 The Fighting Fool Sheriff Tim Collins
Texas Cyclone ‘Texas’ Grant (Jim Rawlings)
The Riding Tornado Tim Torrant
Two-Fisted Law Tim Clark
Daring Danger Tim Madigan
Cornered Sheriff Tim Laramie
Fighting for Justice Tim Keene
The Western Code Tim Barrett
End of the Trail Captain Tim Travers
1933 Man of Action Tim Barlow
Silent Men Tim Richards
The Whirlwind Tim Reynolds
Rusty Rides Alone Tim ‘Rusty’ Burke
Police Car 17 Tim Conlon
Hold the Press Tim Collins
Straightaway Tim Dawson
1934 Speed Wings
Voice in the Night Tim Dale
Hell Bent for Love Police Captain Tim Daley
A Man’s Game Tim
Beyond the Law Tim Weston
Prescott Kid Tim Hamlin
The Westerner Tim Addison
1935 Square Shooter Tim Baxter
Law Beyond the Range Tim McDonald
The Revenge Rider Tim O’Neil
Fighting Shadows Constable Tim O’Hara
Justice of the Range Tim Condon
The Outlaw Deputy Tim Mallory
Riding Wild Tim Malloy/Tex Ravelle
Man from Guntown Tim Hanlon
Bulldog Courage Slim Braddock/Tim Braddock
1936 Roarin’ Guns Tim Corwin
Border Caballero Tim Ross
Lightnin’ Bill Carson U. S. Marshal ‘Lightnin’ Bill Carson
Aces and Eights ‘Gentleman’ Tim Madigan
The Lion’s Den Tim Barton
Ghost Patrol Tim Caverly
The Traitor Sergeant Tim Vallance, Texas Rangers
1938 West of Rainbow’s End Tim Hart
Code of the Rangers Tim Strong
Two Gun Justice Tim
Phantom Ranger Tim Hayes
Lightning Carson Rides Again ‘Lightning Bill’ Carson, posing as Jose as Colonel Tim McCoy
Six-Gun Trail Captain William ‘Lightning Bill’ Carson
1939 Code of the Cactus ‘Lightning’ Bill Carson posing as Miguel
Texas Wildcats ‘Lightning’ Bill Carson
Outlaws’ Paradise Captain William ‘Lightning Bill’ Carson / Trigger Mallory
Straight Shooter ‘Lightning’ Bill Carson / Sam Brown
The Fighting Renegade Lightning Bill Carson aka El Puma
Trigger Fingers ‘Lightning’ Bill Carson
1940 Texas Renegades Silent Tim Smith
Frontier Crusader ‘Trigger’ Tim Rand
Gun Code Marshal Tim Hammond, alias Tim Hays
Arizona Gang Busters ‘Trigger’ Tim Rand
Riders of Black Mountain Marshal Tim Donovan
1941 Outlaws of the Rio Grande Marshal Tim Barton
The Texas Marshal Marshal ‘Trigger Tim’ Rand
Arizona Bound Marshal Tim McCall, posing as ‘Parson” McCall
The Gunman from Bodie Marshal McCall
Forbidden Trails Marshal Tim McCall, posing as Ace Porter
1942 Below the Border Marshal Tim McCall
Ghost Town Law Marshal Tim McCall
Down Texas Way U. S. Marshal Tim McCall
Riders of the West Marshal Tim McCall
West of the Law Marshal Tim McCall
1952 The Tim McCoy Show (TV) Himself
1956 Around the World in Eighty Days Colonel, U.S. Cavalry as Col. Tim McCoy
1957 Run of the Arrow Gen. Allen as Colonel Tim McCoy
1965 Requiem for a Gunfighter Judge Irving Short







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Lightning Carson Rides Again (1938) TIM McCOY

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Outlaws Paradise Tim McCoy Western full movie western movies and television shows from all over the web for you to watch here for FREE .  This fantastic western movie was made in 1939. Tim McCoy as Captain William “Lightning Bill” Carson / Trigger Mallory Joan Barclay as Jessie Treadwell Ben Corbett as Magpie Magillicuddy Ted …

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