The Trigger Trio – The Three Mesquiteers

The Trigger Trio – The Three Mesquiteers.



The movie is about the rancher Brent, who has some infected cattle. He has the brands changed and then has them put on the Evans ranch, With the law requiring the entire herds to be destroyed, he gets Larry Smith to help him illegally drive his and the Evans’ cattle across the state line.
Directed by William Witney, produced by J. Edward Reynolds and Ed Wood, written by Houston Branch (story), Oliver Drake (writer) and Joseph F. Poland (screenplay & story), starring Ray Corrigan as Tucson Smith, Max Terhune as Lullaby Joslin, Ralph Byrd as Larry Smith (Tucson’s brother), Sandra Corday as Ann Evans, Robert Warwick as John Evans, Cornelius Keefe as Brent, Sammy McKim as Mickey Evans, Hal Taliaferro as Henchman Luke, Willie Fung as The cook and Buck as Buck.

This page did have. The Westerner starring Gary Cooper, Walter Brennan, Doris Davenport. So some of the comments may be about that western movie.
Cole Harden ends up in the town of Vinegaroon, Texas that is run by Judge Roy Bean who calls himself the only law west of the Pecos. Despite his warped sense of justice and corrupt nature, Bean genuinely likes Harden, considering him something of a kindred spirit. From 1940.
Gary Cooper as Cole Harden
Walter Brennan as Judge Roy Bean
Doris Davenport as Jane Ellen Mathews
Fred Stone as Caliphet Mathews
Forrest Tucker as Wade Harper
Paul Hurst as Chickenfoot
Chill Wills as Southeast
Lilian Bond as Lily Langtry
Dana Andrews as Hod Johnson
Charles Halton as Mort Borrow
Trevor Bardette as Shad Wilkins
Tom Tyler as King Evans
Lucien Littlefield as The Stranger
Charles Coleman as Lily Langtry’s Manager

This page used to have The Texas Rangers Starring George Montgomery and Gail Storm and Jerome Courtland so some of the comments may be about that wonderful western movie.
It is the 1870’s the Texas Rangers have been reorganized. But Sam Bass has gathered a group of notorious outlaws into a gang the Rangers are unable to cope with. So the Ranger Major releases two men from prison who are familiar with the movements and locations used by Bass and his men and sends them out to find him.

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