Roarin Lead – Three Mesquiteers

Roarin LeadThree Mesquiteers



Starring Robert Livingston, Ray “Crash” Corrigan and Max Terhune. Hackett is out to take over the Cattlemen’s Association by bankrupting them. His men rustle the cattle forcing the payouts to the ranchers. The Three Mesquiteers arrive and soon learn that the coward Canary is one of the gang. Stony has a plan that he hopes will get a confession from him.

For awhile this page had the western movie
Watch Backlash starring Richard Widmark and Donna Reed so some of the comments may be about that western movie.
Jim Slater seeks a survivor of the Apache ambush his father died in for revenge but surprises await him that he never suspected!
Richard Widmark as Jim Slater
Donna Reed as Karyl Orton
William Campbell as Johnny Cool
John McIntire as Jim Bonniwell
Barton MacLane as Sgt. George Lake
Harry Morgan as Tony Welker
Robert J. Wilke as Jeff Welker
Jack Lambert as Mike Benton
Roy Roberts as Maj. Carson
Edward Platt as Sheriff J.C. Marson (as Edward C. Platt)
Robert Foulk as Sheriff John F. Olson
Phil Chambers as Deputy Sheriff Dobbs
Gregg Barton as Sleepy
Fred Graham as Ned McCloud
Frank Chase as Cassidy, Shotgun Rider


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  1. bk

    Backlash now says private ? Can you fix? thanks

    1. Western Movies Online

      Thank you so much for letting me know! This wonderful western is back up again for viewing along with several others that were down.

  2. egofreed

    superb western and a reminder of the movies I loved as a child.

  3. flyrider

    this is a great movie, but when you try to watch it on full screen on youtube, you can’t because of all the other video staying on the screen while your trying to watch it. So i will just watch on here on the small screen. Still it is a fantastic movie

  4. apilon2006

    Backlash, another good movie,another great actor i love to watch.A pretty good cast as well. Thank you for the great entertainment. I enjoy watching westerns.

  5. walter74

    Just love 1950s Westerns.It was the Golden Age for this genre.

  6. walter74

    Just love 1950s Westerns.It was the Golden Age for this genre.

  7. flyrider

    Richard Widmark plays a great cowboy,,,really enjoy watching him..

  8. Maggie59

    A fabulous movie with plenty of action

  9. Gilles

    Richard Widmark was a very serious and very good actor.
    One of the kind I like to see his movies.
    He left his mark in movie industry.
    Thanks very much to give us the opportunity to review his movies.


  10. Coreylance44

    Great movie, Richard Widmark was a tremendous talent in any role he played!

  11. birch869

    great western movie would you believe I saw this movie for five cents in the caribbean

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