Pirates of Monterey in Technicolor Western – Maria Montez, Rod Cameron, Mikhail Rasumny

Pirates of Monterey in Technicolor Western – Maria Montez, Rod Cameron, Mikhail Rasumny.



Pirates of Monterey is set during the early 19th century, at a time when California was asserting its independence from Mexico. Rod Cameron plays Phillip Kent, a devil-may-care mercenary hired to transport a shipment of rifles to the American army detachment at Monterey. Along the way, he is forced to do battle with Mexicans, Indians and various and assorted thieves. Somehow, he finds time to pitch woo with the tempestuous Marguerita (Maria Montez), whose fiery Mexican dance routines are something to behold. Less exciting to watch than it is to read about, Pirates of Monterey at least has the advantage of Technicolor.
This page for a long time has had the wonderful western movie Watch Night Passage Starring James Stewart and Audie Murphy free online western movie
ONE OF THE BEST WESTERN MOVIES EVER MADE ! and then – Night Passage is unavailable at this time. But maybe soon. For a temporary substitute here is Apache Territory Western movie starring Rory Calhoun.


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  1. mango70

    here it says video removed by user ?

    1. Western Movies Online

      Howdy back . Thanks for letting me know. This is fixed now!

  2. nora

    I agree this one of the best westerns made, I am so glad I GOT THE OPPORTUNITY TO SEE IT ON THIS WEBSITE!!!!!

  3. egofreed

    thanks guys is right, another great evening watching James Stewart, Audie Murphy and all.

  4. wolf

    I can’t express enough, how grateful I am for this western web. Movies I grew up with, & thought I would not see again. My dad always had horses, I have fond memories of him & I watching these movies together. Priceless, Thank you.

  5. Wally

    This one doesn’t work for me, starts and plays a few seconds, then restarts .I am using mac pro os 10.6, Safari browser.

  6. tm58power

    i like to watch audie murphy act

  7. apilon2006

    The best western of all time has to be James Stuart, Audie Murphy,Dan Duryea,Jack Elam and female actors Dianne Faster,Elaine Stewart,and Ellen Corby what a cast what a movie.This would be hard to beat. These are fantastic movies and i wish i would of found this site a long time ago but i sure am pleased that i have fouynd it.I thank you.

  8. byshon

    2 great western stars, 1 perpetual baddie, 1 great film. Thanks guys.

  9. Sepchick

    Almost all of the full length movies I view on YouTube, as well as the ones on your website, are dark. I keep assuming that this is the result of the uploading process and that nothing can be done about it. The darkness sure takes away from my viewing pleasure as it makes all scenes appear as if they were shot at night and the night scenes are impossible to view. If anything can ever be done to lighten up these movies so that daylight scenes, and night scenes, can be viewed more easily it would sure enable more of us to enjoy these films. Thank you for listening to my problem. Bill Sepe

    1. Western Movies Online

      Howdy back . could be your monitor settings . I watch many of these and they look good to me . Thanks.

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