Buckskin Frontier – Richard Dix, Jane Wyatt, Albert Dekker

Buckskin Frontier – Richard Dix, Jane Wyatt, Albert Dekker.

Originally slated for Paramount release, Buckskin Frontier was ultimately distributed by United Artists. Richard Dix stars as railroad troubleshooter Stephen Bent, assigned to supervise the building of 120 miles of track through the treacherous Santa Fe cutoff. He is opposed in this mission by land baron and freight service owner Jeptha Marr (Lee J. Cobb), who backs up his opposition with hired guns. Marr, in turn, is defied by his daughter Vinnie (Jane Wyatt), who is not only a visionary, but has also fallen in love with Bent. Amusingly, though Lee J. Cobb and Jane Wyatt play father and daughter in Buckskin Frontier, both actors were 31 years old at the time! The film was produced by Harry “Pop” Sherman, of “Hopalong Cassidy” fame.

This page did have Frenchie western movie starring – Joel McCrea.
Joel McCrea and Shelly Winters star in what some consider a re-make of the Jimmy Stewart movie, Destry Rides Again. I don’t think it’s an exact re-make but it does have plenty of common elements. Overall. it’s a solid, entertaining Western. Saw this movie for the 1st time a few years ago on the Western channel and I couldn’t get over the costumes. I think this movie has the most beautiful costumes for a western movie. Not to mention the knockout figure Shelly Winters had. And it’s a great mystery too. What a movie.
Joel McCrea as Tom Banning
Shelley Winters as Frenchie
Paul Kelly as Lambert
Elsa Lanchester as the Countess
Marie Windsor as Diane
John Russell as Lance Cole
John Emery as Clyde Gorman
George Cleveland as Jefferson Harding
Regis Toomey as Carter
This is the page that The Great Sioux Uprising starring Jeff Chandler was on so some of the comments are about that wonderful western!

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