The Painted Desert Western Movie starring William Boyd and Clark Gable

The Painted Desert Western Movie starring William Boyd and Clark Gable



From 1931 before Bill Boyd became Hopalong Cassidy. Western pardners Jeff and Cash find a baby boy in an otherwise deserted emigrants camp, and clash over which is to be “father.” They are still bitterly feuding years later.
William Boyd as Bill Holbrook
Helen Twelvetrees as Mary Ellen Cameron
William Farnum as Bill ‘Cash’ Holbrook
J. Farrell MacDonald as Jeff Cameron
Clark Gable as Rance Brett
Charles Sellon as Tonopah
Hugh Adams as ‘Dynamite’
Wade Boteler as Bob Carson – Ore Wagon #1 Driver
Will Walling as Kirby
Edmund Breese as Judge Matthews
Edward Hearn as Tex
William Le Maire as Denver
Richard Cramer as Provney – Ore Wagon #1 Shotgun Rider.
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  1. Claire Spottedhorse

    Interesting to see several actors in their early days. They certainly improved with experience. ( Notice the nice way I’m saying this?:)) It’s interesting because, technically, this is one step away from silents. The makeup , hair, clothing, are the same as silents.

    This must be one of the movies they made while in Winslow, when most of the town acted as extras.


    Wasn’t there a song in this movie? “Wagon Wheels Are Rollin’ “.
    Or something like that.

  3. Leatherworker

    This video Yancy Derringer

  4. margecutter

    When I try to see this video (Yancy Derringer – A bullet for bridget), I get the error message “This video is private.”

    1. Western Movies Online

      thanks for letting me know


    Yancy Derringer

  6. moviereeler


  7. Bobby Rohloff

    Yancy Derringer, “A Bullet For Bridget”, appears to have lost its sound.

    Many thanks for the website – can’t seem to get enough.

    1. Western Movies Online

      try using internet explorer to watch and make sure your explorer is up to date.

  8. Coreylance44

    Just love it, watching all these old westerns make me feel very special, Thanks for all the beautiful memories and all the real actors…Don’t have to worry about the cursing or nudity, just good old fashioned enjoyment!

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