Hidden Gold – William Boyd as Hopalong Cassidy & Eddie Dean

Hidden Gold – William Boyd as Hopalong Cassidy & Eddie Dean



Hoppy and Lucky confront a gang of outlaws which has been ravaging stagecoaches and gold mines. The final gunfight is at Ed Colby’s mine.

William Boyd … Hopalong Cassidy
Russell Hayden … Lucky Jenkins
Minor Watson … Ed Colby
Ruth Rogers … Jane Colby
Britt Wood … Speedy
Ethel Wales … Matilda Purdy
Lee Phelps … Sheriff Cameron
Roy Barcroft … Henchman Hendricks
George Anderson … Ward Ackerman
Eddie Dean … Logan, Express Agent
Ray Bennett … Henchman Fleming (as Raphael Bennett)
Jack Rockwell … Stage Driver Pete

This page did have A Big Hand for a Little Lady – Henry Fonda Western movie so some of the comments might be about that western.

A man with a gambling problem gets in the biggest game in the territory. His wife finds out but its too late all is at risk of being lost . But all is not as it seems! Henry Fonda.

This page used to have Day of the Outlaw starring Robert Ryan, Burl Ives so some of the comments may be about that western movie.

This page also used to have Cattle Empire starring Joel McCrea.
Cattle Empire (1958) with Phyllis Coates
After serving a five year prison sentence for allowing his men to destroy a town in a drunken spree, a trail boss is hired by the same town’s leading citizen to drive their cattle to Fort Clemson. Complicating matters, a rival cattle baron also hires the cattle driver to lead his herd.


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  1. dukeit4u@gmail.com

    Again, no sound but this time when I selected a specific movie it gave me a totally different one. It did this twice withe the same movie.


  2. Texasholecard

    Got to see The Rebel-Johnny Yuma really brought back memories. Thx
    Also Rifleman /2 ounces of Tin –Sammy Davis Jr great ..Thx

    1. Texasholecard

      Why can’t we turn off captions on this movie.

    2. Texasholecard

      Great Lady,Paul Newman was lucky man..

  3. wolf

    I never seen this movie before. It is so great to find a priceless gem of a movie that this one is. I really enjoyed myself watching it, THANK YOU.

  4. Cimarron

    Great movie, still discovering wonderful movies here on WOW. Should have made comments on each one I’ve seen so I can keep track of what I watched. Don’t pass this one up. Joel McCrea is starting to be another favorite actor of mine.

    1. gdoro1

      Why does video say “private” when I try to play?

      1. Western Movies Online

        should be fixed now thanks.

  5. Bob1710

    Finding great westerns that I’ve never seen is a great thrill, thanks for providing another gem.

  6. Maggie59

    Great film enjoyed it very much

    1. stanley trent bemis

      a good example of the western as a fine art form w/some of the moral ambiguity and the possability of persoal redemption that all fine story telling affords.Bural Ivans was an Americian Icon.Unforchuntly,the western has not fared well,for the most part,for some years,but the life and vitality is potentially there.this story is somewhat remensent of the henry fonda vecheal welcome to hard times but w/a softer edge to it.

  7. supwera2000

    One of my favorite Westerns star’s Joel McCrea, it’d be nice if you could upload his- Wichita, Wells Fargo, Outriders, South of St.Louis, Oklahoman & Tall Stranger. Thanks so much on your effort to let us to see many fine Westerns.

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