Home On The Prairie – Gene Autry western movie

Home On The Prairie – Gene Autry western movie.



Border inspector Gene makes certain no diseased animals make it into the United States. This is from 1939. Gene Autry and Smiley Burnette.
Gene Autry as Gene Autry
Smiley Burnette as Frog Millhouse
June Storey as Martha Wheeler
George Cleveland as Jim Wheeler
Jack Mulhall as Dr. Sommers
Walter Miller as Belknap
Gordon Hart as H.R. Shelby
Hal Price as Sheriff
Earle Hodgins as “Professor” Wentworth
Ethan Laidlaw as Henchman Carter
John Beach as Henchman Russ
Jack Ingram as Henchman Wilson
Bob Woodward as Henchman Madden
Sherven Brothers Rodeoliers as Musicians (as The Rodoliers)
Champion as Gene’s Horse (uncredited)

This page at one time had Smoky starring Fred MacMurray so some of the comments may be about that fantastic western movie.


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  1. djpseudonym

    What a super movie..very enjoyable…And i was loving the chap with the songs….A belting yarn!!

  2. billy the kid

    One of the Very Best movies I have ever watched, but also shows the true heartless behavior of some men toward natures most beautiful animals and and the the kindness and true hearts of a few. Lots of morals here in this film , very well done. Thank you for making these good old films available. YIPPEE KYAA!!!! SIGNED BILLY THE KID ”””””””NOTE : no problem for me with full screen application , do you have your screen viewing zoom set higher than 100 ? the box may not be visible because its off screen.

  3. bk

    I have been tied to this bed for about 3 months and I have watched all the movies, some 2 times and sure am proud of what you are doing. Great movies and I love horses. Now I have to watch others ride…..keep them coming:).

  4. bk

    SDeer I made the same mistake some time ago and went thru the gambit. Just turn the entire machine off all the way wait a few minutes and be very careful not to click on utube or you can’t get out of it.:) I don’t make the mistake anymore.

  5. Dave Woodward

    I love Horses myself and I must say that I enjoyed this great film!
    I an becomeing a fast fan of this website with all of its great movie.
    Thank you westernsontheweb keep up the great work!

  6. Larry A. Singleton

    You guys are great. I was looking for The Three Godfathers but it looks like Warner Brothers got their grimy hands on it. However this is a nice consolation prize. Thanks.

  7. sixt

    Along came jones is not appearing on the screen…..it’s just blank…

  8. Bud

    This movie

  9. qwerty

    No I do not have any pop up blockers.
    I just dont get the viewing screen at all even now.

    Please get back to previous setup.

    1. Western Movies Online

      Howdy back . We didnt change our set up . It must be something on your end. An update on your PC or something . I have checked and all the full screen is still there.

  10. qwerty

    What sdeer says is part of my complaint.
    I see no view screen that used to come up when I clicked to see a movie.
    What has happened to the system??

    Please get it back to normal.

  11. qwerty

    Hi there!

    Please tell me where I can view the films.

    1. Western Movies Online

      all should be good now. thanks.

  12. sdeer

    What happened to the box on the bottom right side that used to be on each movie that allowed you to enlarge it to full screen? It’s now gone and only has the “YouTube” button. I had been enjoying the movies from your site, enlarging them for the screen from that box, but now that you can only enlarge through youtube, the movies are not clear. They’re fuzzy on YouTube.


    1. Western Movies Online

      Howdy back . HMMMMMMM ? I have checked on what you say and cannot find an issue . The box is still there ! and I too enlarge these and then I watch them through my TV so I know the box you mean . Have you changed any settings on your PC lately or had any updates ? It sounds like a pop up blocker or something like that .

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