Dave O’Brien full length western movies to watch online

Brand Of The Devil – Dave O’Brien – western movie.

Starring – Dave O’Brien, James Newill, Guy Wilkerson
Director – Harry L. Fraser
Writer – Elmer Clifton
Texas Rangers Jim Steele, Tex Wyatt and Panhandle Perkins, working undercover, are on the trail of Jack Varno and his cattle-rustling gang who have adopted the insignia of a devil’s pitchfork, which has come to be known as “The Brand of the Devil.” Varno and his gang—“Bucko’ Lynn, “Gripper” Joe and Ed– also don’t hesitate to murder their rustling-and-robbery victims. The Rangers track the gang to Varno’s Gold Ace Saloon, where Panhandle, posing as “Fancy Brand” McGee, sells branding irons which he claims can not be changed. This gets the attention and confidence of Varno and his gang. Duke Cutter, one of the gang, steals a valuable horse from Molly Dawson. Molly follows Cutter to the saloon, a fight breaks out and Tex and Jim rescue Molly. Molly’s foreman Henry Wilburn is working for Varno. He masquerades as Molly and joins Varno’s men in a cattle-stealing raid on Jeff Palin’s ranch, and Palin tells Sheriff Parker that Molly was the leader. Molly is jailed but Tex and Jim trail the rustlers and capture Wilburn, still wearing Molly’s clothes. Wilburn takes her place in jail. The more the Rangers learn about Varno, the more he learns about them and there is a bunch of swapping upper-hand activity before the final shootout in the saloon.

This page did have Sergeants 3 so some of the comments might be about that western movie.
Mike, Chip, and Larry are three lusty, brawling U. S. Cavalry sergeants stationed in Indian Territory in 1870. Mike and Chip are determined to prevent Larry from carrying out his decision to leave the Army at the end of his current hitch and marry beautiful Amelia Parent. One night the three cronies befriend a trumpet-playing former slave, Jonah Williams, who dreams of someday becoming a trooper. A tribe of fanatical Indians begins terrorizing the area, and the headstrong Chip decides to attempt the capture of their leader. Accompanied by Jonah, he sneaks into the Indians’ secret meeting.

This page did haveOld Yellerso some of the comments may be about that western movie.

Young Travis Coates is left to take care of the family ranch with his mother and younger brother while his father goes off on a cattle drive in the 1860’s. When a yellow mongrel comes for an uninvited stay with the family, Travis reluctantly adopts the dog. After a series of scrapes involving raccoons, snakes, bears and all manner of animals, Travis grows to love and respect Old Yeller, who comes to have a profound effect on the boy’s life.

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