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Comanche (1956) Dana Andrews, Kent Smith, Nestor Paiva. Western



Comanche – Dana Andrews, Kent Smith
In 1875, near Durango, Mexico, a group of renegade Comanche attack a peaceful village and kidnap the daughter of a Spanish aristocrat. They escape the Mexican Army by crossing into US territory. Jim Read (Dana Andrews), a frontier scout, is sent to investigate and ease tensions between the Mexicans and the Comanche. But long standing hatred and the profitable business of scalp-hunting does not help in resolving the conflict. Read is sent to negotiate with the Comanche chief, Quanah (Kent Smith). Whilst searching for Quanah, Read sees Art Downey (Stacy Harris), a local scalp-hunter, shoot and injure a Comanche. Read rescues him and takes him to Quanah. Read however is himself accused of the shooting by Black Cloud (Henry Brandon), the renegade leader, until the injured brave recovers enough to clear his name. Read reveals to Quanah that they are cousins and that his mother was the sister of Quanah’s mother. Quanah swears loyalty to his white friend. Read leaves to fetch government officials to a peace council, but discovers a cavalry detachment that has been massacred by Black Cloud and his renegades. The Government official, Commissioner Ward (Lowell Gilmore), has ordered the cavalry to subdue the Indians, by force if necessary. Black Cloud attacks a column of cavalry troopers and captures Ward. Quanah and a large force of loyal Comanche intervene and threaten to attack Black Cloud. Vengeful Black Cloud kills Ward. In the ensuing battle, Read kills Downey and Black Cloud and peace is restored.

In 1875, near Durango, Mexico, a group of renegade Comanche attack a peaceful village and kidnap the daughter of a Spanish aristocrat. They escape the Mexicans. In 1856, ambitious freight company and store owner Logan Stuart (Dana Andrews) agrees to escort Lucy Overmire (Susan Hayward) home to the settlement of Jacks.

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They Rode West Robert Francis and Donna Reed
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A young cavalry Dr. finds the doctor at a Fort he is assigned to drunk and incompetent! Then he treats very sick Indians against orders that are forced to stay on unhealthy land this could lead to a war.
Robert Francis … 1st Lt. Allen Seward
Donna Reed … Laurie MacKaye
May Wynn … Manyi-ten
Philip Carey … Capt. Peter Blake
Onslow Stevens … Col. Ethan Waters
Peggy Converse … Mrs. Martha Walters
Roy Roberts … Sgt Major Creever
Jack Kelly … Lt. Raymond
Stuart Randall … Chief Satanta
Eugene Iglesias … Red Leaf
Frank DeKova … Isatai
John War Eagle … Chief Quanah
Ralph Dumke … Dr. Gibson
James Best … Lt. Finlay
Myron Healey … Maj. Vandergrift

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