Billy The Kid – Buster Crabbe – BLAZING FRONTIER

Billy The Kid – Buster Crabbe – BLAZING FRONTIER.



Another Billy The Kid adventure with Buster and Fuzzy.

Blazing Frontier western movie starring Buster Crabbe and Al ‘Fuzzy’ St. John. Released and uploaded from the archives of the collection. In this full length complete production from 1943 Billy and the ever funny, comical Fuzzy set out to stop a feud between the Railroad and some Settlers. There are some very underhanded, diabolical deeds being committed by some devious, scheming villains.

Billy and Fuzzy are out to find out who is at the bottom of all the trouble and put an end to the disorder. Watch hundreds of classic western films on the Westerns On The Web channel. Make sure to subscribe to the our channel to be notified when we upload westerns to watch free.

This page did have another western movie at one time so some of the comments may be about it!
Cattle Drive western movie. westerns from all over the web for you to watch here for FREE . Here is Cattle Drive Starring Joel McCrea . From 1951.
Chester Graham Jr. (Dean Stockwell), the spoiled young son of a wealthy railroad owner, manages to get himself lost in the middle of nowhere. He is found by a cowboy (Joel McCrea) on a cattle drive. The lad must start learning the hard lessons of working in a team if he wants to make it to Santa Fe.
Joel McCrea – Dan Matthews
Dean Stockwell – Chester Graham Jr.
Chill Wills – Dallas
Leon Ames – Chester Graham Sr.
Howard Petrie – Cap
Bob Steele – Charlie Morgan
Griff Barnett – Conductor O’Hara
Lewis Martin – Winston


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  1. Ralph

    Great movie. I was half way through it before remembering when I had seen it years and years ago. I sure thank westerns on the web for this really great web site. I watch it often.

  2. mike reh

    trying to watch cattle drive

    1. Western Movies Online

      You might try watching the movies here using internet explorer and make sure your explorer is up to date . That seems to make it where all works well.

  3. Scott

    Very good movie. I didn’t realize that Dean Stockwell was acting from a young age.

    1. Itsjustlilome

      Yea, the movie “The secret garden’ was the first movie I saw with him .
      He played the roll as an incredibly spoiled, crippled, bed ridden kid who had been left in the care of the hired help by his rich father.
      Barking orders from his bed & using his handicap as a tool to manipulate people, until a little girl & her friend with a pet crow found a secret garden on the boys property & brought him back out of his sheltered life while bringing the boy & his father back together. Another great movie.

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