Thunder Over Texas (Big Boy Williams) Western Movies Full Length

Thunder Over Texas (Big Boy Williams) Western Movies Full Length.



In this action, romance, western movie Big Boy spends time protecting a little girl whose father was killed because he had maps of all the new railroad routes and the outlaws now think the young girl has them. Directing done by Edgar G. Ulmer. Starring Guinn ‘Big Boy’ Williams, Marion Shilling, Helen Westcott, Philo McCullough, Victor Potel. Originally released on 18 October 1934.

At one time this page had a video western TV sereis show episode titled A Question of Courage Law of the Plainsman so some of the posts and comments might be about that shows episodes.
This series starred starred Michael Ansara and aired in 1959 and 1960 originally. Ansara starred as Deputy U.S. Marshal Sam Buckhart an Apache Indian US Marshal The character also appeared on The Rifleman series show where he was introduced. There were 30 episodes of this tv show Sam Buckhart had saved a US Cavalry Officer after an Indian ambush . Later the Officer died leaving Sam Money for an Eastern Education. Returning Home to New Mexico and Becoming a United States Marshal.
Classic western TV series episode shows to watch free. Complete with Cowboy boots, saddles, cowboy hats, Colt 45 smoke, Old West Towns, fast horses, Banks, Wells Fargo offices, Stagecoach stations, runaway wagons, outlaws, bandits, Sheriffs, Marshals, Fancy belt holster rigs, guitars, Cowgirls, singers, Levis, Wranglers, blue jeans, campfires, chuckwagons, cattle drives, wagon trains, cactus, Rustlers, Good Guys, Bad Guys, Ranches, Chase scenes, Deserts, Mountains, Forests and everything else great television westerns always kept us entertained with when we were kids growing up and needed good solid Heroes.


  1. EVprofessor

    Michael, you are correct. and that is why I supported the NRA and “Florida Sportsmen” in lobbying for enacting the Florida “Concealed Carry” law which became the model for over 40 other states in the mid-1980’s. God Created us all but Sam Colt makes us “Equal” and able to defend ourselves (and when appropriate others as well.) The Second Amendment to the US Constitution, in the “Bill of Rights” suggests it. Also in Florida, every man who serves in the armed forces of the United States is upon discharge a legal member of the state Militia until age 65. I served our country in the USAF during Viet-Nam 1966 to 1971.

  2. Michael Holasek

    This story was super-suspenseful. Beautiful theme song. Remarkable plot twists and turns. The U.S. marshal is brave and noble but it was an armed civilian who helped him complete his mission against great odds.

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