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California starring Barbara Stanwyck, Ray Milland and Anthony Quinn

From 1947 In this movie John Farrow shows the great director he was. The camera work is exceptional with scenes lasting more than 4 minutes filmed in just one take!. Although there are several of this scenes in the movie there are other aspects to comment also. The actor’s direction is superb. Epic account of how California became a state featuring a wagon train the Gold Rush a wicked saloon queen, and an evil profiteer.
Barbara Stanwyck as Lily
Ray Milland as Trumbo
Barry Fitzgerald as Fabian
George Coulouris as Coffin
Albert Dekker as Pike
Anthony Quinn as Hernandez


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  1. randyinbutler

    Enjoy Your Sit Hey Thanks!!!!
    any chance of the movies: uphill all the way & day of the outlaw & station west
    all have burl ives
    again Thank You

  2. Tonie

    Excellent. Van Heflin is utterly convincing as a father realising his mistakes.

  3. realcujo

    Gunman’s Walk is a great Western–thanks

  4. realcujo

    Thank you for making all of these great Westerns available to me for free–I canceled my Western channels because yours are family friendly and much better–God bless You–

  5. apilon2006

    Gunman’s Walk, very good western with great actors and a good cast.Thanks.

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