Bob Fuller about Television show Laramie

Wild West Toys online shopping for American made toys. Sponsors this site and rounds up western movies and television shows from all over the web for you to watch here for FREE . Along bwith wonderful interviews from some of you favorite western stars. this interview . This is a great story of how Robert Fuller got his part of Jess Harper on the western TV show Laramie. Bob has starred on several television shows like Laramie , Wagon Train and Emergency . This interview was done on 10-10-10 in Texas in the video from left to right are James Drury , Bob Terry , Don Kay Reynolds, and Robert Fuller .
These interviews are great and we hope you watch and enjoy these wonderful classic tv shows full of western boots, cowboy hats, leather saddles, Along with all the amazing trained horses, Desert scenery, Old west towns and Vacation looking destinations .



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