Frontier Horizon starring John Wayne

Frontier Horizon starring John Wayne

FULL WESTERN MOVIE . John Waynes Angel and the Bad Man . With commentary by Bob Terry .

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Also known as New Frontier 1939 film stars John Wayne, Ray “Crash” Corrigan, Raymond Hatton, and Jennifer Jones. The last of eight Three Mesquiteers B-movies with Wayne (fifty-one altogether). The director was George Sherman.
The Three Mesquiteers convince a group of settlers to exchange their present property for some which, unknown to the goodguys, is going to be worthless. They try to warn the ranchers. Lots of horses and action.

Director, George Sherman

Starring – John Wayne, Ray Corrigan and Raymond Hatton
John Wayne …
Stony Brooke
Ray Corrigan …
Tucson Smith
Raymond Hatton …
Rusty Joslin
Jennifer Jones …
Celia Braddock (as Phylis Isley)
Eddy Waller …
Major Steven Braddock
Sammy McKim …
Stevie Braddock
LeRoy Mason …
M.C. Gilbert
Harrison Greene …
William Proctor
Reginald Barlow …
Judge Bill Lawson
Burr Caruth …
Dr. William Hall
Dave O’Brien …
Jason Braddock
Hal Price …
Jack Ingram …
Bud Osborne …
Slim Whitaker …
Jed Turner (as Charles Whitaker)


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  1. EVprofessor

    Wild West Toys, the video ends at 54 minutes but the movie was somewhat longer… I sure would have liked to se who won the brawl with 30 men fighting over the control of the dam and a final resolution I know it wasn’t over because it didn’t say “The End” or continued next week…

    1. Western Movies Online

      Howdy back . I just checked it and it goes all the way to the ending to the credits. try again and scroll it to almost the end . and you may try using internet explorer to watch . Hope this helps. Bob

      1. EVprofessor

        BOB, I tried I-Exp. but I still am offered only 53 minutes in the video.
        I have been watching you-all for years and this is the first time for this problem…

        1. EVprofessor

          Today the last three minutes actually played, so know the ending, No explanation for why it was stopping last night… total run time is still listed at 54 min 50 sec… Baffling… Last night it kept stopping at 50 min. Internet Explorer gave same results. last night… Tonight after 10:30 pm EDT the content included the ending and credits. I know it was not something I did differently… Anyway, Thanks BOB, for letting me enjoy the movies of my childhood. I lived in a small town and the theater played older movies from the 1930’s in the 1950’s. and that is when I saw them the first time.

  2. billy the kid

    Them bad guys don’t play fair, They got em a telephone. Singed: Billy The Kid

  3. Alan

    “This video does not exist”

    1. Western Movies Online

      Fixed . Thanks for letting me know .

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