Dark Command western movie starring John Wayne

Dark Command western movie starring John Wayne Watch free movies and TV show westerns online.

FULL WESTERN MOVIE . John Waynes Angel and the Bad Man . With commentary by Bob Terry .

Watch John Wayne Western Movies Free Online.



A Civil War tale based on the exploits of the notorious outlaw William Quantrill. A courageous sheriff stands up to Quantrill and his band of guerrillas pillaging the countryside in Civil War-torn Kansas, and stops the cut-throat raids across both Union and Confederate lines. Here is another western full of boots, saddles, cowboy hats, leather, saddles, fast horses, wagons, stunts, superhero, action, chase scenes, stagecoaches, old west towns and beautiful landscapes. View this wonderful movie here on Westerns On The Web free. Enjoy watching hundreds of movies and TV shows free online with the biggest stars ever in Hollywood . This movie also has Walter Pidgeon, Claire Trevor, Gabby Hayes and Roy Rogers.
Watch John Wayne western movie free online.
John Wayne as John Carruthers
Eleanor Hunt as Betty Mason
George “Gabby” Hayes as Sheriff Jake Withers
Edward Peil Sr. as Malgrove (as Edward Peil)
Yakima Canutt as Danti, the Polka Dot Bandit
Lafe McKee as Dan Mason
George Cleveland as Hank, innkeeper
Earl Dwire as Henchman


  1. muttbucket

    I’ve always been a huge fan of the western genre….they are my go to programs. I love the old TV westerns as well as the movies. I just recently discovered this site. Thanks for putting them on! Shoot, I didn’t even know Audie Murphy had a TV show…are there more episodes or was the series very short lived?

    One frustrating thing though….A lot of the shows in the drop boxes get buried at the bottom of the browser and I can’t see them. When I try move the cursor to scroll down, the box disappears. When I try to leave it on the box and scroll down using my arrows it doesn’t move. When I drop the cursor down to the last show, it doesn’t move.

    How can I see the rest of the shows in a series?

    1. Western Movies Online

      Try updating and watching in internet explorer. see if this helps. Thanks

  2. Cimarron

    pretty young Roy Rogers……all’s well that ends well.

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